Vice Ganda To “EXpecially For You” Guest: “Naiiyak tuloy ako sa’yo”

Here’s why Vice Ganda became emotional on It’s Showtime.

VICE GANDA – The Kapamilya superstar became emotional after hearing an “EXpecially For You” guest say this.

How important it is to have a closure? At what length can you do to have a closure?

Vice Ganda

In the recent episode of “EXpecially For You“, Jhywon and Krizzy appeared as the latest guests. Jhywon is there to help Krizzy choose from the three Searchers. However, behind this appearance is actually a hidden agenda on Jhywon’s side. He wanted closure.

A closure is what we seen to pun an end or finality to something. Most of the time, when we hear this word, what we often think of is seeking closure in a romantic relationship. In searching for a closure, the main goal is to get answers over unresolved matters.

Based on the story they shared in the program, the relationship that started in school ended because of Krizzy’s mother who wanted more for her daughter. Jhywon experienced disrespect and insulting gesture from the mother but he kept it from Krizzy which started the story of their split.

He kept what he was told and how he was treated badly. Only if he became open about it, she could have fought for him and they will not end up as ex-lovers. But things happened and there’s surely a reason about it.

He is helping her find a new friend and this move is also his way to get the closure he wanted in their relationship. This is what made Vice Ganda emotional. The comedian got teary-eyed after hearing what he can do just to have the closure.

“Ayokong makakita ng nalulungkot,” he quipped and gave Jhywon a hug after.

It is okay for him to see Krizzy meet someone new and he is supportive of it as long as it makes her happy.

Check the clip below:

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