Filipino Designer Complains of Non-Payment by Miss Universe Philippines

Jef Albea, Filipino Designer Expresses Dismay Over Non-Payment by Miss Universe Philippines

A Filipino designer has expressed a complaint over non-payment by Miss Universe Philippines for the efforts he made for the contest.

Recently, Jef Albea, a Facebook user and a Filipino designer, took to Facebook to share his frustrating experience with Miss Universe Philippines. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

According to his post, the organization failed to pay him for the trophies he designed and crafted for their coronation night. He explained that despite the hard work, dedication, and passion he invested in creating the trophies, his efforts were ignored when it was time for payment.

Filipino Designer

The Pinoy designer described how he felt disrespected and disregarded by the organization. He emphasized that it wasn’t just about the money. He declared that he no longer needed or wanted a single centavo from Miss Universe Philippines.

Albea seeks respect for artists emphasizing that their ideas and works are the results of intense thought, deep emotions, and countless sleepless nights. Those creations represent years of honing their craft, missed opportunities, and financial sacrifices.

The latter passionately advocated for the rights of all artists. He noted that not all artists can afford to face such mistreatment and that it is important to respect and value their work.

Filipino Designer

The designer urged everyone to ensure that artists’ contributions are not taken for granted, stressing the importance of recognizing and honoring the effort that goes into every artistic creation.

Some netizens shared their own similar experiences, while others called for better treatment of artists by organizations and clients. Many agreed that artists should be fairly compensated and respected for their work, recognizing the unique value they bring to various projects.

Filipino Designer

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