Arci Muñoz Admits She’s A Big Fan Of Lea Salonga

Arci Muñoz talked about personalities she wants to work with

Actress Arci Muñoz admitted that she is a big fan of Broadway diva Lea Salonga and she hoped that someday they will have a project together.

Arci has come a long way in the entertainment industry from being a contestant in a talent search. She ventured into acting and singing and her showbiz career continues to flourish.

In a recent interview, Arci shared that the late veteran actress Cherie Gil was her inspiration in joining showbiz. She said that it has been her dream to work with Cherie but unfortunately, she was not given a chance.

Arci Muñoz

This is the reason why Arci Muñoz cried hard when Cherie Gil passed away. For Arci, Cherie was a great actress who channeled the Hollywood actress vibes. Unfortunately, Arci was not able to meet Cherie personally.

Aside from Cherie Gil, Arci also looks up to Lea Salonga. “My second idol that like I’m gonna freak out when I see her is Ms. Lea Salonga. Ha-hahaha! Yung hindi ko alam ang magiging reaksyon ko kapag nakita ko siya. Baka matutulala talaga ‘ko at hindi makapagsalita,” she shared.

When asked how she became a fan of Lea, the Malditas in Maldives enthused, “Mahilig kasi ako sa fairytale and she’s a Disney Princess. And wow! She sings so well and parang there’s only one Lea Salonga.”

Lea Salonga Theater People

Arci also said that she can relate to all Disney Princesses but if she had to choose one, she would like to be Mulan. It is because Lea was Mulan’s singing voice. Aside from Mulan, Lea was also the voice behind Prince Jasmine in Disney’s animated movie Aladdin. The Broadway diva was the first Filipino to receive the Disney award.

When it comes to the male stars in the Philippine entertainment industry, Arci Muñoz is looking forward to having the chance to work with Kapamilya actor Coco Martin and Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards.

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