Alex Gonzaga Shares “The Best Feeling Of Being A Tata”

This is the best feeling of Alex Gonzaga as a “Tata” to her nephew and niece.

In an Instagram post, actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga shares what makes being a “Tata” to Sevi and Polly “the best feeling”.

Some say that aunts may just be as important as our moms. Having a positive female role model is extremely important for young girls and even boys and Sevi and Polly are surely lucky to have their “Tata” Alex Gonzaga.

Sevi and Polly are the children of Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano. They welcomed Polly just this year and Gonzaga is elated to finally have her best friend. Also, just recently, Toni and Paul marked their wedding anniversary. This is their 9th year as a married couple.

Indeed, an aunt’s relationship to her niece and nephew is special. They stand as a trusted female mentor to them in case the parents become physically or emotionally unavailable. As for Alex, the best feeling of being Sevi and Polly’s Tata is the support and trust she gets from their mother.

In an Instagram post, she shared some snaps she have with them and in the caption, she wrote, “The best feeling of being a tata is when the mother or your sister is supportive of your unique style of babysitting. Pinicturan pa kami habang tumatawa kahit nagkanda-tale talembang na kami magtiyahin.”

She has a sister who is supportive of her “unique babysitting”.

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Meanwhile, last February, Alex shared she was prepping her body for her pregnancy. The two miscarriages they went through were rough and difficult but they did nothing to light off the spark of hope they have to someday have children of their own. They have their faith intact and hopeful that one day, they would also have their children to complete their dream family.

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