Ruffa Gutierrez Reveals Why Annabelle Rama Asked For Maris Racal’s Photo

Ruffa Gutierrez shared her funny conversation with her mom

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez revealed why her mom Annabelle Rama asked for the photo of Kapamilya actress Maris Racal.

Annabelle and Ruffa have an amusing mother-and-daughter dynamic. They went through some issues but the fact remained that they love each other. Ruffa previously shared in an interview that her mother has a lucky streak.

The actress shared that whatever her mother touches turns into gold. She added that Annabelle really knows how to mingle with other people.

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📷: The Filipino Times

In some instances, Ruffa Gutierrez would share funny stories about her mom, just like when the time she shared that Annabelle Rama became her prom date.

The veteran showbiz personality is known for being strict with her children, especially for her only daughter. Ruffa shared that she was not able to attend a prom because of her mom and there was a time when Annabelle became her date. Her mom would always go to where she would go.

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Just recently, Ruffa once again shared a funny story about her mother. The actress said that she received a call from Annabelle who told her to immediately send a photo of Maris Racal.

When Ruffa asked her mom why she wanted a photo of Maris, Annabelle answered, “Gusto ko buhok niya. Magpapabangs na ako.” Ruffa also shared a photo of Annabelle after she got the bangs inspired by Maris’s current hairstyle.

📷: via FP
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📷: via FP

This was shared on a popular showbiz site and netizens shared their comments on Maris Racal’s career journey and the opportunities that she deserves to have in the entertainment industry. Just recently, Maris’s character Irene Tiu in Can’t Buy Me Love became a trending topic on social media many times. “Maris is sooo underrated. Smart, talented, may sense of humor,” a netizen commented.

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