Chelsea Manalo Work Before Winning The Miss Universe Philippines 2024

CHELSEA MANALO WORK – People online were impressed and amazed as the reigning MUPH queen had this work before becoming a beauty queen. In a video circulating online, she was spotted working as a hotel staff. She was lauded because of her impressive customer service and professionalism as someone who works in a hotel.

Chelsea Manalo Before MUPH 2024 Win

In a video, Chelsea Manalo was spotted before her victory in the pageant.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Chelsea Manalo was spotted working in this hotel before she joined and eventually won the pageant.

Before one’s success, struggle and success are present and this is what mold a person. These are the very things that make one appreciate the beauty of a victory. Before the crown and the title, Chelsea Manalo was spotted in this video working in a hotel.

The video went viral about the MUPH 2024 winner and this was shared by vlogger Rocio Ocampo and her husband, Nelvine Ocampo on YouTube.

Truly, she did not only give an impeccable performance during the pageant but she also triumphed in her job as a hotel staff. The video caught the attention of many people online. In the video, they shared their experience meeting her at the Clark Marriott Hotel.

The post read, “So happy our family got to meet @manalochelsea… She is beautiful inside and out! Watching her achieve this incredible honor feels even more meaningful knowing the wonderful person she is. Congratulations on becoming Miss Universe Philippines–you deserve it, Queen… See you in Mexico…”

Many people online praised the beauty queen for her professionalism and great customer service. They believe that this job where she had to interact with other people gave her an advantage in winning the crown.

Meanwhile, Bulacan’s Chelsea is the first Filipina Black American to win the crown and the title. She will represent the country in the international competition which will be held in Mexico.

In a previous article, she almost quit due to financial challenges but her team was there to support her, as well as her parents. She also received help from Bulacan Governor Daniel Fernando.

As of currently, her main goal is to in the crown on the global stage of the 73rd Miss Universe pageant. She is eager to start training for the pageant.

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