Bea Alonzo No-Show At Premiere Of Her Movie ‘1521’

Bea Alonzo did not attend the premiere of her movie

The producer of the movie 1521 sent an invitation to Kapuso actress Bea Alonzo for the premiere but she declined.

News about this international movie first surfaced in August 2022. At that time, a press conference was held and the main cast members were introduced. Bea played the character of a native princess.

A year later, a controversy surfaced. It was alleged that the Kapuso actress had an “unforgettable experience” in doing that movie, in a negative way.

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The producer of the film reacted to the “complaints from Bea Alonzo’s camp. Talent manager Shirley Kuan, the manager of the Kapuso actress, fired back at the producer’s statement.

In a recent interview, Inspire Studios head Francis B. Lara Ho, the producer of 1521 apologized to the actress. Ho said that he already expressed his apology to Bea and sent an invitation for her to attend the premiere of the movie.

However, the Kapuso actress was a no-show at the premiere of her own movie. “We sent invitations to her, we have requested Viva to do that. I also requested my project manager to do that,” Ho said. He also said that he learned a lot from that experience and he is a better person because of that.

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Ho also said that he does not blame Bea and he understands her. He also admitted that as a first-time producer, he made some calls that weren’t helpful to the actress. The producer also said that he is taking full responsibility for what happened.

On the other hand, Ho is not losing hope. He still hopes that things will change between him and Bea Alonzo and that the actress will attend the next screenings.

“Hindi pa naman tayo tapos. We still have a few days before that. Again, I hope and I pray for the best. But she is a great actress. In the movie, you will see her amazing performance. She was stellar in her performance,” the film producer said.

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