Rita Avila Reacts To Trending Eva Darren FAMAS Issue

Rita Avila Shows Support for Eva Darren over FAMAS Issue

Rita Avila reacted to the trending issue that involved FAMAS and veteran actress Eva Darren who was invited to be a presenter.

The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards or FAMAS awards recently went viral on social media. It was not only due to the awards given out at the Gabi ng Parangal held at The Manila Hotel last Sunday.

Divina Valencia, Marissa delgado, Eva Darren
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The social media post of the son of veteran actress Eva Darren about her FAMAS experience went viral. The doctor son of the actress narrated in a post that his mother was invited by FAMAS to be a presenter at the event. She was even given a script that she memorized.

Ms. Eva Darren bought a dress and a pair of heels that she wore at the event. She also got a hair and make-up package. The veteran actress brought with her three (3) of her grandchildren. They paid Php 5,000 for each plate for dinner at the event.

Eva Darren

However, Ms. Eva Darren and her grandchildren left the event disappointed. The veteran actress was never called to be on stage to be the presenter of the awards. FAMAS apologized to her which the veteran actress accepted and just went home.

According to FAMAS, they were not able to see Ms. Darren at the event so they immediately looked for someone who can replace her as a presenter at the event. A young singer replaced Ms. Eva Darren as presenter at FAMAS and went onstage with Mr. Tirso Cruz III.

The post of the son of veteran actress Eva Darren went viral on social media. It gained different reactions from the netizens. One of the celebrities who reacted to the trending issue is Rita Avila.

Rita Avila
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In a social media post, Rita Avila expressed that the feelings of Ms. Eva Darren and her family are understandable. She is glad that the son of the veteran actress posted about it. The actress also expressed her affirmation on the comments about the meal payments at FAMAS such as the following:

“Inimbita ka, ikaw pa magbabayad ng meal mo?”

“Nananahimik ka tapos iimbitahin ka, gagastos ka mula sa damit, make up, gasolina hanggang sa pagkain mo para ano? Para sa NINGNING?”

Rita Avila stressed in her post that Ms. Eva Darren went to FAMAS Awards 2024 not for the spotlight but because she respected the invitation of the film award-giving body. She raised a question if the veteran actress was also respected.

The actress also stated that even in media conference and press conference events, all the cast are invited but only the main stars are interviewed by the press. Here’s the post of the actress:

Aside from Rita Avila, another actress who also expressed her support to Ms. Eva Darren is veteran actress Divina Valencia who was also at FAMAS Awards 2024. She was seated in the same table with Ms. Eva Darren.

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