Kim Chiu On Gerald-Bea Movie: “Wala po akong maalala, Your Honor”

Here’s the witty response of Kim Chiu when her fellow hosts put her on the spot.

It’s Showtime hosts laughed at the response of Kim Chiu when put on the spot to give the title of this Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo movie.

If there’s one thing Kim Chiu and Bea Alonzo have something in similar, it’s not being artists discovered by ABS-CBN. Their similarity would be Gerald Anderson. Both of them are the actor’s exes and both separation were highly publicized and controversial.

When Kim and Gerald broke up, the actor’s next relationship was with Maja Salvador and back then, Chiu and Salvador were best friends. This event broke the friendship of two actresses. However, Anderson and Salvador’s relationship also ended.

Following Salvador, the actor’s next relationship was with Alonzo. They have been together for many years but cheating caused their split allegedly. During the height of their split, the term “ghosting” became a sensation and the saying “time as the ultimate truth-teller” became a sentence frequently used now in the showbiz industry when celebrities do not yet admit something.

Recently, in an episode in It’s Showtime where Chiu is one of the regular hosts, the other hosts gave way for her to give an answer in the “Showing Bulilit” segment. In this part of the program, they are to give the title of the movie acted out by the kids and one of the movies asked was the 2016 film starring Alonzo and Anderson called “How To Be Yours”.

However, instead of answering, Kim just quipped based on the video, “Wala po akong maalala, Your Honor.”

This drove the hosts and the audience to laughter. Her statement was about the viral answer of Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Leal Guo during a senate hearing whenever she was asked details about her childhood and background.

Kim Chiu

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