Rob Gomez, Bianca Manalo Laughed At The Past Controversy

Rob Gomez and Bianca Manalo went through an issue

Kapuso actor Rob Gomez shared that he and actress Bianca Manalo just laughed at the past controversy that happened between them.

Rob went viral when his private messages to female celebrities were leaked on his own Instagram page. Allegedly, it was his ex-partner Shaila Rebortera who leaked the screenshots of messages.

Speculations surfaced that Rob and Bianca were having an affair. They were criticized because of this as the actress is known to be the current partner of Senator Win Gatchalian.

rob gomez
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In a recent article by entertainment writer Gorgy Rula in Pilipino Star Ngayon, he shared that they were surprised that Rob Gomez and Bianca Manalo were together in an episode of Magpakailanman.

When asked about this, the actor said that he and Bianca just laughed at the controversy that happened a long time ago because it was not true. “Wala naman ho. From the start of the morning till sa gabi… pagkatapos po, everything was okay. We had a good laugh about it. Masaya naman. Masayang experience,” the actor shared.

Rob also shared that until now, his phone has not returned to him. Amid the issue, the actor said that someone stole his phone and so those screenshots were posted online. He also said that he does not want the issue that he and his ex-partner had to be aggravated because he just wants to move on.

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The Kapuso actor also shared that he has been reaching out to Shaila because he wants to see their child but the latter has not been responding.

It’s been a tough tough… this is the hardest time of my life. Pero one thing I know, I have to prevail. I have to look like I’m okay. I have to be okay for me to be able to make the next step to whatever result I want which is to be with my daughter. Kailangan ayusin ko. Kailangan mag-motibo ako. Maging successful ako,” Rob Gomez said.

He added that he is still striving to have a good image and have a better life because he works hard for everything.

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