Kris Aquino Son Josh: Phillip Salvador Misses Him

According to Ogie Diaz, Phillip Salvador misses son Josh with Kris Aquino after many years of not seeing him.

It’s been a decade since Phillip Salvador saw his son with Kris Aquino and according to Ogie Diaz, he misses his son Josh.

Josh is the son of celebrities Kris Aquino and Phillip Salvador. To recall, the former celebrity couple’s past was a bit controversial. She fell in love with him on set and decided to leave her family to move in with him.

Back then, her family was against her relationship with Salvador. Even her late mother former president Cory Aquino, warned her about him. Their relationship ended but what good came out of the separation was their son Josh. They began their relationship in 1994 and ended their relationship in 1999.

Salvador did not support Josh financially and the last time Salvador saw their son was in 2012. This year, Josh is turning 29 years old and in the recent video of Ogie Diaz, he shared that the veteran actor now misses his son.

In the video, Diaz shared that after 10 years of not seeing his son. Josh has special needs and ever since, he’s under the care of Aquino.

Meanwhile, Aquino is currently in the US for the treatment of her autoimmune disease. Her two sons is with her, especially Bimby, who never left her side.

Bimby is her son with professional basketball player James Yap. It was also a bad breakup with the man she married. Just like with Josh, Bimb was left under her care. Her two sons are with her and with everything that she is going through right now, she hopes that she could live long enough until her youngest is 18.

She refuses to die but some things are not going her way. In the latest update regarding Aquino’s health, there’s accordingly a problem with her heart. She said, “I could have a stroke at any time. I have to relate this because of genetics.”

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