Liza Diño Files Case Against PEP, Personalities Allegedly Involved

Liza Diño Demands for Accountability Over Articles PEP Released about her

LIZA DIÑO – The former Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) Chairperson filed charges against PEP and other personalities in alleged attempt to “tarnish” her reputation.

During her stint as the head of the Film Development Council of the Philippines or more popularly called FDCP, Liza faced a lot of allegations and accusations from different sources. There were also several articles published that carried the name of the former FDCP chairwoman. There were allegations that Liza wants to serve as FDCP chairperson until 2025.

Photo Source: Philippine News

It was in July 2022 when Liza stepped down from her post as the chairperson of the FDCP. In several interviews, her husband, Ice Seguerra, was vocal about how his wife has given her best in leading FDCP and how proud he is of her.

Recently, a lot of people were surprised when Liza Diño, accompanied by her husband and her legal counsels, filed charges against PEP and the personalities involved for publishing articles that allegedly did not seek to inform “but to damage and destroy” her.

Liza Diño
Photo from Facebook/Liza Diño-Seguerra

In a social media post, Liza Diño recalled that it was in May 2023 when several articles published allegedly attacked everything about her including her accomplishments, her leadership, and her very person. According to her, she thought long about whether or not to take a move over the articles against her.

“It took almost a year of endless discussions with my husband and family because this decision is difficult to make,” the former FDCP chairperson stated.

Liza stated that the entertainment industry is revolving around public opinion and by filing a case, she might be judged again so she kept quiet. However, she came to a question that prompted her to make a move.

“Why am I allowing their false narrative to be the truth when I know my truth. I know the truth,” she wrote.

According to Liza Diño, she filed 78 counts of cyber libel charges against PEP and the personalities involved at the Office of the Prosecutor of Quezon City. The former FDCP chairperson expressed her demand for accountability over the articles published about her.

Liza wrote that she decided to fight back and reclaim her name and reputation “through a system that is impartial to their great power and influence”. She also cited her rejection of engaging in a trial by publicity as she placed her trust in the justice system.

“Regardless of the outcome, I will rest easy knowing that I stood up for myself and demanded accountability,” the former FDCP chairperson stated in her post.

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