Vice Ganda Takes Swipe at Airline during Showtime Episode?

Vice Ganda & Other Showtime Hosts Talk about Making Paper Airplanes

VICE GANDA – The Unkabogable Star seemingly took a swipe at an airline during an episode of It’s Showtime for being “delayed”.

One of the most popular comedians in the Philippines is Vice Ganda who is a mainstay in the ABS-CBN noontime variety show It’s Showtime. Countless people are entertained by the jokes and the banter of the show’s hosts every day.

Vice Ganda

Undeniably, there are also instances when the jokes and playful statements of Vice catches the public attention as it may contain a deeper meaning or it may be pertaining to another thing — just like what recently happened when the Showtime hosts talked about making paper planes then.

Vhong Navarro recalled that love letters were used then to make paper airplanes. Then, it would be flown to the person whom the love letter was written for. However, Vice said that he has a different experience.

Vice Ganda

In an episode of It’s Showtime, Vice Ganda claimed that he also made a paper airplane before for someone he really likes and he flew it to the person. However, according to the comedian, it did not reach the person. He claimed that he used the paper of PAL so it was delayed.

“Ginanun ko ang eroplano, hindi umabot… Papel pala sa PAL yung nagamit ko. Kaya hindi umabot. So ganun, delayed siya,” the Unkabogable Star said.

In October 2023, Vice Ganda has also called for the attention of the Philippine Airlines due to “overbooking”. According to the Kapamilya star, it brought them a lot of inconvenience to a supposedly happy trip. He claimed that he had several experience when someone who’s with him was not able to ride the plane due to overbooking until his experience reached that it was already him who had no seats.

The Philippine Airlines reacted to the viral post of Vice explaining that it was not “overbooking” but a seat downgrade after two (2) of their business class seats were determined as unserviceable. The airline expressed its apology for the comedian.

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