Cebu Prescription Drug Fiasco: Cebu Pharmacist Group Supports Pharmacist

Cebu Pharmacist Group Supports Pharmacist Amid Prescription Controversy

CEBU – The Cebu Pharmacists Association supports the pharmacist in the face of viral prescription controversy.

A group of pharmacists rallied behind one of their own who became entangled in a social media controversy regarding prescription drugs. The Cebu Pharmacists Association Inc. stood up for their colleague who declined to dispense prescription medications to a customer lacking proper documentation, as depicted in a widely circulated video online.

According to the group’s statement released on Tuesday, April 23, the pharmacist in question adhered to established protocols and regulations governing the dispensing and sale of prescription medicines. “To this end, we stand firm with and proud of our colleague in safeguarding the health and well-being of his patient and for properly observing the guidelines and standards in drug dispensing,” portions of their statement read.

Photo Source: Cebu Pharmacists Assn

Moreover, the Cebu Pharmacists Association emphasized that the pharmacist should not have been subjected to public shaming by internet users, they emphasized.

“He acted responsibly in the best interest of the patient and did not deserve being subjected to social media shaming. We will continue to uphold our commitment to patient safety and professional excellence,” they said.

Photo Source: @nursetoto TikTok

A video that was previously posted on Facebook, showcasing a customer apparently confronting a pharmacist inside a drug store located within a supermarket in uptown Cebu City, gained widespread attention on social media before being removed.

The customer, who initially shared the video, had intended to purchase a particular brand of prescription medication labeled with “Rx” for treating hypertension. However, upon failing to provide a prescription slip, the pharmacist declined to sell her the medication.

According to copies of the video shared by other users online, the customer further interrogated the store’s pharmacist, even alleging that certain branches of major pharmacy chains in Cebu City freely distribute Rx-labeled medications without requesting prescriptions.

@nursetoto Sir @arshielife paki educate po ang mga customers nato 😒 the audacity to take a video when they are not really educated when it comes to Rx (prescription) #pharmacist #fyp #viral #trending #ctto ♬ original sound – Nurse Toto🙏❤️

Under the Philippine Pharmacy Act, only licensed pharmacists are authorized to dispense drugs, whether they are over-the-counter or labeled with “Rx.” As for Rx-labeled medications, the public is encouraged to adhere to regulations aimed at safeguarding public health and safety.

“Without said prescription, pharmacists are legally and morally obliged to refuse dispensing of said medicine to ensure the safety of their patients,” the Cebu Pharmacist Association said.

Photo Source: Cebu Pharmacists Assn

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