Liza Marcos Shares Photo W/ Bongbong Amid Rift W/ Sara Duterte

Liza Marcos Uploads Snap W/ President Bongbong Marcos Amid Rift W/ VP Sara Duterte

LIZA MARCOS – First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos shared a photo with her husband President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. amid a rift with Vice President Sara Duterte.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Liza tied the knot on April 17, 1993. They have three sons Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro,” Joseph Simon, and William Vincent “Vinny.”

Days after causing political waves by revealing her sentiments against Vice President Sara Duterte, Liza shared a photograph of herself and President Marcos in La Union.

Photo Source: POLITIKO

The caption accompanying the photo read, “Spending quality time in celebration of our 31st wedding anniversary.”

The image, posted on Facebook on April 21, depicted the Marcoses embracing, sparking numerous reactions, comments, and shares.

On April 19, broadcaster Anthony Taberna aired an interview with the First Lady, during which she confessed to holding a negative opinion of Duterte now.

Liza recounted feeling hurt when Sara, who was the President’s running mate in the 2022 elections, laughed after her husband was insulted as a “bangag” or drug addict during a rally in Davao City.

In an interview, Liza conveyed that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and their family chose not to retaliate against their critics, recognizing that using power against political opponents would hinder nation-building efforts.

Liza emphasized her husband’s belief that the cycle of attacks and vengeance must cease. She articulated this viewpoint during an hour-long exclusive interview with broadcaster Anthony Taberna, broadcasted on his YouTube channel.

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