Kris Aquino Son: Geraldine Zamora Has This Story About Bimby

Here’s a story about Bimby, the youngest of Kris Aquino from Geraldine Zamora.

Geraldine Zamora shares a story about Bimby, son of Kris Aquino, which happened way back in December 2019.

Bimby is now 17 years old and he is currently in the USA with his mother Kris Aquino who is undergoing a treatment there for her multiple autoimmune diseases. In an Instagram post, the actress-host expressed a loving and heartfelt message for her son.

In Kris’ birthday message for Bimby, she thanked him for being her strength and for being strong amidst the situation they are dealing with.

“For your character to remain strong, your values and integrity stay admirable, your respectful and polite manner unchanged, and your passion for learning will continue to inspire you to make the most out of your education,” she wished for her son.

In the comments section, one of those who greeted Bimby was Dra. Geraldine Zamora. In her greeting, she also shared her favorite anecdote about Aquino’s youngest. This happened in December 2019. He was being teased to get a brand new skateboard as the old one he owned was not nice.

He was even told by his friends ‘mayaman ka naman’ but the 12-year-old Bimby accordingly has this reply: “I may be rich, but I’m not financially irresponsible.”

Dra. Zamora added, “It was also that day we went to Chuck E Cheeze & you made sure Nala got to play the kiddie games, and you were always checking on Kuya if he’s enjoying as well. Such a fine young man, so wise beyond your years. And such big heart! May God bless you w/ many more decades w/ your mom.”

Check out the story below:

Kris Aquino Son

Meanwhile, amid Kris’ fight against her five autoimmune diseases, three of which are life-threatening, she draws strength from her children and family. She is grateful for the people and her supporters who pray for her recovery.

In a previous article, Kris said she refuses to die. She wants to live long for her children. She feared about the possibility of not being around in the future birthdays of her son but on the positive side of it, she is grateful for having a matured son who is always ready to help and someone who is always there beside her.

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