Kaye Abad ‘Ugly Version Of Iza Calzado’: Mo Twister Clarifies Issue

Kaye Abad had this statement that felt negative for netizens

Actress Kaye Abad mentioned in an interview on Fast Talk that DJ Mo Twister said that the is the “ugly version of Iza Calzado” and this did not sit well with some netizens.

Kaye is currently promoting her new Netflix movie A Journey with her friends Paolo Contis and Patrick Garcia. On the talk show of King of Talk Boy Abunda, the actress talked about the movie, her bond with her co-stars who have been her friends since their Tabing Ilog days, her past relationships, and her family life now.

During the interview, she said that she does not think of herself as beautiful and she gladly accepted when Mo Twister said that she is the ugly version of Iza Calzado.

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With this, negative comments were directed at the disc jockey. To clarify this issue, Mo Twister shared on his Instagram page a series of videos of his interview with Kaye Abad talking about the “ugly version” issue.

I will only comment on this issue ONCE. I have been receiving hate messages all week long about what I said regarding Kaye Abad, stemming from when I called her ugly. It’s been on the news and in tabloids online and I just need to fix this,” he wrote in the caption of his post.

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Mo said that he couldn’t recall saying that to Kaye and so the actress explained what happened at that time. They have been friends for a long time already and when he said that to Kaye, they were doing the “ugly version” sort of a game.

Mo said that he is the ugly version of Matt Damon and when Kaye asked him to whom she is the ugly version, the DJ said that she is the ugly version of Iza Calzado. Kaye was not offended by that.

Mo Twister

Actually, na-flatter pa nga ako kasi I really find Iza very pretty,” Kaye said. Laughingly, the actress said to Mo, “Ang mga tao, galit na galit sa’yo.” In the comment section of Mo’s post, Kaye also left a comment. “Hindi ako sure kung friendly ka lang talaga hahahaha,” she commented and added, “I mean before. Hahaha.

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