Senior Citizen Customer Lauds Fast-Food Chain: “Iniisip ang safety ng mga seniors”

Senior Citizen Customer Expresses Admiration to Popular Fast-Food Chain for Prioritizing Safety of Elderlies

A senior citizen customer lauded a popular fast-food chain for ensuring the safety of elderlies “Iniisip ang safety ng mga seniors.”

Wilma Navea Maño, a Facebook user, expressed her admiration towards Jollibee, a popular fast-food chain in the Philippines for showing an act and caring gestures toward senior citizens. The post quickly circulated online and elicited comments from the netizens.

While waiting for her cousin at the Jollibee branch in Farmers Market, Gen Araneta St., Maño decided to grab a meal. Upon placing her order, she noticed that instead of receiving a blinking order number, she was handed a regular one.

Senior Citizen

Curious about the change, she soon discovered the reason behind it – her meal would be served directly to her table.

Expressing her gratitude in her Facebook post, Maño thanked Jollibee for implementing this thoughtful practice, which greatly benefits senior citizens who may struggle with standing or walking for extended periods.

She acknowledged that while she is still physically capable, she found it heartening to see business establishments taking proactive steps to prioritize the safety and well-being of seniors.

Senior Citizen

The post quickly earned reactions online, with many netizens applauding Jollibee for its considerate approach and expressing their support for businesses that go the extra mile to accommodate elderly customers.

Maño’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of creating accessible spaces for all members of the community, especially those with unique needs such as senior citizens.

The food company’s gesture not only shows its commitment to customer satisfaction but also points out the value of empathy and compassion in business practices.

Here is the full post:

“Kumain ako kanina sa #jollibeefarmersmarket habang hinihintay ko yung pinsan ko. Pag order ko, inabutan ako ng number. Napaisip ako bakit hindi yung nagbliblink. Kaya pala, iseserve sa mismong table yung order ko.

Thank you! Malaking tulong ito sa maraming mga senior citizens na hirap ng tumayo at maglakad.

Malakas pa naman ako. Nakakatuwa lang na may mga business establishments na talagang iniisip ang safety ng mga seniors.”

In another post, a senior citizen working as service crew in fast-food chain inspires netizens

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