Cianne Dominguez News: Host’s Boyfriend Reacts To Incident

CIANNE DOMINGUEZ NEWS – The It’s Showtime’s female host had a traumatic experience and her boyfriend speaks about this. The unwanted happening occurred in the host’s condo unit. The man followed her to her unit and attempted to violate her but she was strong enough to let go of his violating passes. Complaints have already been filed.

Cianne Dominguez Boyfriend Kai Suzon Speaks About The Incident

Kai Suzon, boyfriend of Cianne Dominguez, has this statement.

It’s Showtime host Cianne Dominguez encountered a traumatic experience and her boyfriend has this statement about it.

22-year-old It’s Showtime host Cianne Dominguez files Violence Against Women and Children (VAWC) and trespassing against Shervey S. Torno aka Ronnie Gray. Torno was the guy who made a pass on her leaving her trauma.  

In a previous article, the incident involving Cianne with this guy went viral. He accordingly followed her in her condominium unit in Quezon City. He forced his way, held her waist, and even attempted to score a kiss from her but the actress was strong enough to let and even had the presence of mind to record the escaping man who violated her as an evidence.

Torno is now being held in Station 10 of Quezon City Police District in Kamuning. According to Cianne’s father, she doesn’t personally know him.

He said, “Sinabayan siya sa elevator, nagpakilalang fan at sinabing dun din siya nakatira sa 11th floor. Then, paglabas ni Cianne sa 8th floor, sinundan siya. At nung papasok na ang anak ko sa unit niya at isasarado niya ang pinto, pinigil siya ni Torno na pilit na papasok sa unit. Hinawakan niya si Cianne sa beywang at akmang hahalikan. Mabuti, malakas ang anak ko at nagpumiglas.”

After the incident erupted online, her boyfriend, Kai Suzon speaks up and posted it on his IG. He believes no should ever have to suffer the threat of this assault. He’s relieved that Cianne fought back and that nothing serious happened. He stressed that during times like this, fighting back is important.

To the guy who did it to his girlfriend, he stated: “You’re getting what’s coming to you and I will see you soon. An eye for an eye. I’ll do whatever I can in my power if I have to if it means protecting the ones that I love.”

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