Michael Pacquiao Sells Dad Manny’s Shoes, Gloves To Boss Toyo

Michael Pacquiao Sells His Father Manny Pacquiao’s Shoes & Gloves to Boss Toyo

MICHAEL PACQUIAO – Rapper Michael Pacquiao sold the shoes and gloves of his dad Manny Pacquiao to Boss Toyo.

The son of the legendary boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, Michael Pacquiao was accustomed to a life filled with excitement and opportunities, but little did he know that his next venture would take him on an unexpected journey.

Michael had always admired his father’s work ethic and determination. Michael stumbled upon a treasure trove of boxing memorabilia. Among the various items, he noticed a collection of boxing shoes and gloves.


These shoes held significant value not just as collectibles but also as pieces of history. With his keen business sense, Michael decided to turn this discovery into a lucrative opportunity.

Michael reached out to Boss Toyo, a renowned businessman known for his love of unique and valuable items. He pitched his idea of selling his father’s shoes to Boss Toyo.


Impressed by Michael’s initiative and entrepreneurial spirit, Boss Toyo agreed to meet with him. As they met to discuss the details, Michael passionately shared the stories behind the pair of shoes and gloves.

Boss Toyo was captivated by Michael’s enthusiasm and the rich history behind the shoes. He saw the potential for them to become prized possessions for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Without hesitation, Boss Toyo struck a deal with Michael to acquire the promo shoes he wore during the Mayweather weigh-in. With the deal finalized, Michael successfully sold his father’s shoes for P850,000.00.

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