Win Metawin Shares His Experience Working With Janella Salvador

Win Metawin enjoyed doing his movie with Janella Salvador

Thai actor Win Metawin shared his experience working with Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador in the movie Under Parallel Skies.

This movie served as a big screen comeback for Janella and it is indeed a memorable one as she is paired with Win who is one of the most popular actors in Thailand in this generation.

In a recent interview, based on the article in ABS-CBN News, Win shared that while they were filming, he observed that Thai and Filipino cultures are almost the same.

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This is one of the reasons why he did not have a hard time connecting with his co-star and the production team. “I think Thai culture and Filipino culture is very similar. So we got along very easily with Janella and with the crew who worked together during the filming,” Win Metawin shared.

The film was shot in Hong Kong where he has been many times already so it was easy for her to blend in with the place. He pointed out that Thai and Filipino are similar in so many things. “I mean, the way we talk, the jokes. I just feel like I work with Thai team. It’s pretty similar,” the Thai actor enthused.

Win also praised his leading lady in the movie. He commended Janella Salvador’s professionalism. The Kapamilya actress taught him some Tagalog words and gave him acting advice.

“Actually, Janella helped me a lot during the filming because her English is so good. And she taught me a lot during the filming,” he shared. Janella’s professionalism made him more comfortable during their filming.

Win Metawin also said that he hopes people will learn a lot from their movie, especially the lesson that money can’t buy happiness. He also highlighted the elements of the movie that can cater to different audiences such as romance, comedy, and drama.

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