Quiboloy’s Terms For Surrender: Here Are His Conditions Amid Legal Proceedings

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy Imposes Terms For Surrender

QUIBOLOY – Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy issued conditions for surrender. He said he would face the charges only if there was no interference from the US Embassy or the FBI.

An arrest warrant was issued on March 19 for the self-proclaimed “appointed son of God” by the Senate, as he had consistently ignored summons to appear in an inquiry concerning allegations of repeated s*xual assault and physical abuse against multiple members of his religious group.

He claimed that the Marcos government collaborated with the FBI and CIA to deliver him to the Americans. He asserted, “Since then, I was under surveillance while I was still here in my country. In my own compound, there are drones in sight—day and night. These are the workings of the American authorities.”

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Pastor Quiboloy alleged that the arrest warrants issued by both the Senate and the House of Representatives, which initiated a separate investigation into alleged infractions by SMNI, were all governmental strategies to entrap him.

Quiboloy declared on Saturday that he is ready to address his pending cases, provided there is no intervention from foreign nations.

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According to a statement posted on the Sonshine Media Network International’s X (formerly Twitter) page, Pastor Quiboloy expressed his readiness to confront his legal matters in the Philippines, given that his specified conditions are fulfilled.

“Gusto niyo akong lumitaw para harapin ang lahat ng ito? Eto po ang kondisyon ko. Bigyan niyo ako ng garantiya na hindi mangingialam ang mga puti sa kasong ito sa Pilipinas. Hindi mangingialam ang FBI, ang CIA, ang US Embassy,” Quiboloy said.

Quiboloy additionally expressed a preference for meeting his demise at the hands of his fellow Filipinos rather than facing death at the hands of Americans.

“Mabuti pang ako ay mamatay sa kamay ng mga Pilipino dito sa ating bansa, tutulo ang aking dugo kaysa ako ay mamatay sa kamay ng mga puti na nasa ibayong dagat, nasa kanilang bansa,” he added.

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  1. he don’t want to interfere the other countries especially U.S because he knows that U.S has a justice system in there. while in the Philippines there’s no justice system so he wants U.S FBI and CIA don’t interfere. You don’t have right to demand face your consequences and let others received their justice.

    and I hope you will be captured.


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