VIDEO: Liza Soberano Drives A Luxury Sports Car In LA

Here’s Video of Liza Soberano Driving A Luxury Sports Car In Los Angeles

LIZA SOBERANO – Check out the video of Fil-Am actress Liza Soberano driving a luxury sports car in Los Angeles here.

Liza Soberano, born Hope Elizabeth Soberano on January 4, 1998, is a Filipino-American actress and model. She gained prominence for her work in Philippine television and film, known for her talent, beauty, and versatility.

Soberano was born in Santa Clara, California, USA, but she moved to Manila, Philippines, at a young age. She started her career in the entertainment industry as a commercial model at the age of 12. Her breakthrough came when she was discovered by a talent scout, leading to her debut in acting.

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Apart from her acting career, Liza Soberano is also recognized for her beauty and has been hailed as one of the most beautiful faces in the Philippines and even internationally. During an interview, Liza talked about her reasons for venturing into Hollywood. She mentioned her aspiration to connect the Philippines with America, aiming to create opportunities for Filipino artists in the industry through her efforts in Hollywood.

Liza is enjoying her Hollywood life! Amidst her busy schedule both in and out of Tinseltown, the rising international star was recently seen cruising around Beverly Hills, Los Angeles in a luxurious convertible car.


In a video shared by Daniel Mac, known for his street interviews, Liza made a spontaneous appearance during a drive-through session. Daniel, who typically asks interviewees about their occupations, inquired about Liza’s profession with a touch of familiarity, noting that his followers had been eager for her cameo.

In addition to his usual questions, Daniel also asked Liza for her personal advice for aspiring actors, to which she responded: “Just be true to yourself, and take risks!”


Liza Soberano was spotted driving a BMW i8, a plug-in hybrid sports car introduced in 2014. Apart from its sleek design, the vehicle is renowned for its eco-friendly features due to its “resource-efficient” system. The i8 is available in a hardtop coupé or a convertible roadster version, with the latter, favored by Liza, priced at around $150,000, approximately P8.4 million.

Although Liza was seen driving the i8 in the video, she expressed her preference for another vehicle: the Audi R8, often dubbed a “supercar.” With its notable high-end specifications, the Audi R8 is listed at approximately P8.8 million, making it a significant investment choice.

Watch the video below:

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