Chiz Escudero Hospitalized? Heart Evangelista Has This Post

Was Chiz Escudero hospitalized due to stroke?

Rumors are circulating online about Senator Chiz Escudero and according to the rumors he was rushed to the hospital due to stroke.

Did Chiz Escudero suffer from stroke?

Recently, rumors online about Chiz Escudero rushed to the hospital emerged online. According to the rumors, he suffered a stroke and was rushed to St. Luke’s Hospital. Other stories claimed that he suffered from a heart attack and had an aneurysm.

Other people claimed that he suffered from stroke or heart attack that caused him “semi-paralyzed”. Two sources of PEP also claimed that he was airlifted from Sorsogon to St. Luke’s. However, it looks like none of these stories.

In a post from his wife Heart Evangelista, the senator appeared to be happy and healthy while having his hair colored. This post assured that that her husband is fine amid the stroke rumors.

Heart, on the other hand, was doing art.

See below:

Meanwhile, last February, Heart and Chiz’s renewal of vows happened in the same place where they first exchanged vows. They tied the knot in Balesin, the same time around their 9th wedding anniversary and Heart’s birthday. This event was “small but very special gathering” as it was finally attended by her mother. Heart’s mother was also supposed to be there but he had to tend to other things such as his recovery.

“It’s going to be very special for me because I thought I knew what love was. But now I know what love should be. And so I, I feel like I’m getting married actually for the first time again,” she said back then about this milestone in their marriage.

Last March, Heart also opened up about losing the chance of having a baby. She was emotional recalling this time of her life as it took a lot for her to produce an egg. She even had it named Sophia Heart already.

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