Takoyaki Store Owner Apologizes for April Fools’ Prank, Makes Amends w/ Victim

Takoyaki Store Owner Makes Amends w/ Victim

TARAGIS ISSUE – The owner of a Takoyaki store has apologized for an April Fools’ prank and made amends with the victim.

The takoyaki brand Taragis ran a prank on their Facebook page on April Fool’s Day. The company announced a challenge that anyone who got their logo tattooed on their forehead would receive a P100,000 cash prize.

Unfortunately, a male netizen named Ramil Albano took the prank seriously, getting the tattoo in hopes of claiming the prize money. The victim from North Caloocan explained that he didn’t see the disclaimer indicating the prank nature of the post.

Takoyaki Store Owner

Albano strongly believes that the offer is genuine, so he goes ahead and gets the tattoo. He revealed that he needed the prize money, as it would help cover his youngest child’s tuition fees and support his 16-year-old child, who has Down syndrome.

Taragis owner Carl Quion received negative reactions from the online community to urge him to pay Albano. The netizens reiterated that making such a prank is not a good joke.

After realizing the consequences of their prank, the store owner issued a public apology and personally visited the victim to make amends. Quion handed over P100,000 in cash to Albano, along with other peace offerings.

Takoyaki Store Owner

Quion was surprised after learning about Ramil’s situation, particularly his responsibilities as a father to a child with special needs. He emphasized that the prank was never intended to harm anyone and extended his apologies to those who were negatively affected by it.

He also urged fellow influencers and brands to be responsible with their online content, recognizing the influence they wield over their audience.

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Takoyaki Store Owner

“Kaya sa mga nagkaroon ng negatibong pananaw sa naging April Fools’ post namin, humihingi ako ng tawad, At sana magsilbing aral ito sa ating lahat, lalo na sa mga kapwa influencers ko o brand na nasa internet na maging responsable tayo sa lahat ng ina-upload natin,” Quion said.

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