Pia Wurtzbach Reacts To Anne Jakrajutatip‘s Viral Leaked Video

Here’s Pia Wurtzbach Reaction To Anne Jakrajutatip‘s Viral Leaked Video

PIA WURTZBACH – Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach reacted to Miss Universe owner Anne Jakrajutatip‘s viral leaked video.

Pia Wurtzbach voiced her opinion on a leaked video involving Anne Jakrajutatip, owner of Miss Universe, who allegedly stated that women in the pageant, including mothers and plus-sized individuals, can join “but cannot win.”

In response to accusations of deception and manipulation in the pageant results, the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has issued a statement.

Pia Wurtzbach
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The leaked video, reportedly recorded during a meeting between Anne Jakrajutatip and MUO shareholder Raul Rocha Cantu, has sparked controversy. In the video, Anne is heard saying, “They can compete but they cannot win.” The presence of seven other individuals at the meeting is noted.

The public’s confidence in the credibility of the Miss Universe pageant has been shaken due to these revelations.

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During an interview with Philstar.com and select media outlets after attending L’Oreal Paris’ “Sayang? No, I’m worth it” campaign launch in Manila, where she was featured as one of the endorsers, Pia Wurtzbach expressed her concerns about the issue of “fake inclusivity,” emphasizing that it should not be dismissed lightly.

“Especially since these women want be Miss Universe or want to be part of the competition, they worked really hard, like, I know the feeling of really sacrificing so much of your time and some of these women, years of their life just really, dedicating themselves, their every day and preparing and hoping and dreaming that they have a chance,” Pia said.

“So seeing a video like this, it’s really disheartening, not just for the fans, because then we’re being told that if something, something else, like, we’re being sold one thing on the screen, like on the actual show, but then what’s happening behind closed doors is another thing pala. But also, really, I feel for the women that are that are dreaming that are wanting to compete,” she added.

“So I do hope that they address this very soon because it’s going to affect the women that compete. It’s going to discourage them from joining, and it’s also damaging the credibility of the whole organization.”

Watch the video below:

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