MMFF Movies In Netflix – Watch Out For These Films

MMFF MOVIES IN NETFLIX – These are the movies from the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023 that will come to the platform. For those who have missed out because of the short amount of time allotted for the movies to be shown in cinemas, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up.

MMFF 2023 Movies Coming To Netflix, Here’s Official Schedule

You can’t miss out on these MMFF 2023 movies in this streaming app.

MMFF 2023 MOVIES – These movies from the Metro Manila Film Festival last year are going to be available on Netflix.

Last year’s film festival was a treat to everyone and one of the entries even broke a lot of records. If you’re a bit sad for missing out on some of them, worry no more as the window to catch all of these is no longer just between Christmas and New Year.

MMFF 2023 Movies

The 10 official movies of the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023 are:

  1. “A Mother and Son’s Story” (Cineko Productions)
  2. “(K)Ampon” (Quantum Films)
  3. “Penduko” (Sari Sari Network)
  4. “Rewind” (Star Cinema, APT Ent., Agosto Dos Media)
  5. “When I Met You in Tokyo” (JG Productions)
  6. “Becky and Badette” (The IdeaFirst Company)
  7. “Mallari” (Mentorque and Clever Minds Inc.)
  8. “Firefly” (GMA Pictures and GMA Public Affairs)
  9. “Broken Hearts Trip” (BMC Films in partnership with Smart Films)
  10. “GomBurZa” (JESCOM Films and MQuest Ventures)

Just in time for the Holy Week, we will be able to catch “Rewind” of the real-life celebrity couple. This ultra blockbuster film is officially the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time. It surpassed the record of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richard’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye” by hundreds of millions.

“Rewind” and the other MMFF films are finally going to be on Netflix.

The movies and the schedule are:

  • “Rewind” – March 25
  • “GomBurZa” – April 9
  • “Mallari” – June 21
  • “Becky and Badette” – April 4
  • “Kampon” – April 18
  • “Family of Two” – June 1
  • “Penduko” – June 7

“Rewind” is a movie starring Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera which currently holds the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time title. “GomBurZa”, on the other hand, will be shown on April 9, the Araw ng Kagitingan. This movie is about the three martyred priests namely Jacinto Zamora, Jose Burgos and Mariano Gomez who were wrongfully convicted during the Spanish period.

“Mallari” is the film where Piolo Pascual achieved his most-challenging triple character role. “Penduko” stars Matteo Guidicelli and Cristine Reyes and this film is about the “Pedro Penduko” myth.

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