Joey de Leon Pens About Eat Bulaga “Running” From Network To Network Since 1979

Joey de Leon Pens Witty Note On Eat Bulaga “Running” From Network To Network

JOEY DE LEON – Veteran host Joey de Leon penned about Eat Bulaga ‘running’ from network to network since 1979.

Joey de Leon, a renowned figure in Philippine entertainment, has made his mark as an actor, comedian, and television personality. He is notably part of the acclaimed comedy trio Tito, Vic, and Joey and has contributed to numerous comedy films and television programs.

Joey gained widespread recognition as one of the pioneering hosts of the country’s longest-running noontime variety show, “Eat Bulaga,” which premiered on July 30, 1979.

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However, after over four decades on the air, a conflict arose. Joey, along with his fellow TVJ members, decided to resign from TAPE Inc., the production company behind “Eat Bulaga,” along with other members of the cast and crew.

There have been rumors circulating that the version of “Eat Bulaga” produced by TAPE Inc., owned by former congressman Romy Jalosjos, is facing a significant debt of 800 million pesos to GMA Network.

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Taking to Instagram, Joey de Leon recently shared a post regarding the milestone achieved by “Eat Bulaga,” the enduring noontime show. In the post, Joey can be seen wearing a shirt adorned with the program’s original logo. He commemorated the show’s 14,000th day with a witty caption, remarking on its longevity.

“Whoa! Eat Bulaga is about 14,000 days old today!” he wrote.

Additionally, Joey added a humorous remark about the show’s history of “running” across different networks since its inception in 1979.

“We have been ‘running’ from network to network since 1979! Kaya ba we are the longest running? Ngek!” said Joey.

Photo Source: @angpoetnyo IG

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