Top ICO Picks for 2024: Unveiling the Most Promising Initial Coin Offerings to Invest In

Investors are often attracted to ICOs because of the opportunity to participate in the launch of a new cryptocurrency project. These coin ICOs typically offer tokens at a discounted price to build excitement, kick-start development, and secure the necessary capital.

For example, Bitcoin introduced the BTC token to investors in 2010 at a price of $0.04865. Ten years later, BTC hit an all-time high of $68,789, and investors who participated in the initial ICO were able to reap an impressive long-term return of +141,395,583%.

For those seeking short-term profits, meme coins such as Pepecoin have brought significant profits. An anonymous cryptocurrency investor made a massive 5,000,000% return after investing $263 in PEPE.

In this guide, we highlight a list of the best coin ICO picks for 2024 to help investors choose early-stage projects that suit their tastes, and provide tips on how to identify these promising opportunities.

Recommendations For The Best Upcoming ICOs

Here is a recommended list of the most promising coin ICOs scheduled to launch in 2024:

  • Sponge V2  – Sponge V2, an upgraded version of Sponge Memecoin, which grew 100 times and achieved a market capitalization of $100 million in 2023, is eyeing listing on Binance and OKX. Sponge V2 also plans to release P2E games that allow you to earn money by playing.
  • Bitcoin Minetrix – The best coin ICO project that provides smart contract Bitcoin mining based on Ethereum. It utilizes a stake-to-mining model in which burned tokens lead to increased profits, and the current APY reaches 140%. The project, which has already succeeded in raising approximately $4.25 million through pre-sale, offers a simple way to access BTC rewards without any expertise or hardware.
  • Meme Kombat –A new meme ICO introducing a battle arena where you can earn money through unique play. Players will participate in blockchain-based battles with AI-rendered graphics by betting on existing famous meme tokens such as Pepe, Doji, and Shibainu. The project, which presented the groundbreaking concept of a meme coin ICO with a whopping average annual return of 512%, has now raised more than $2 million through presale.
  • etukTuk – By holding $TUK tokens, investors can contribute to sustainable projects to establish electric vehicle charging stations. $TUK, priced at $0.026 per token, is receiving significant support, with the amount raised exceeding $540,000.
  • Green Bitcoin – A new ERC-20 token that introduces a gamified green staking model. Participants can receive staking rewards by predicting the price of Bitcoin. The sustainability-focused GBTC token recently began pre-sale.
  • Cogwise – A new coin ICO that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to support customers in various cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. COGW tokens provide passive income through a staking function and provide a burn mechanism to reduce supply. Currently, over $1.2 million has been raised.
  • Landlocker – Landlocker, a P2E project based on space exploration, provides in-game non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrency rewards, and staking mechanisms. 1.2 billion $LRT tokens will be issued in the upcoming ICO.
  • Pikamoon – The native token, $PIKA, allows token holders to purchase non-fungible tokens and participate in the metaverse to generate revenue through play. The pre-sale price is $0.0006, and the project fundraising amount is approaching $4.25 million.
  • Blue Sky – Line introduces a new protocol for social conversations, allowing users to transfer data and contacts between social platforms while promoting user-run content.
  • SOLA-X – A smart liquidity protocol that revolutionizes automated market makers in the Solana ecosystem. A minimum investment of $10,000 is required.
  • CryptView – A research platform that rewards users who provide access to fundamental data and information about cryptocurrencies, emphasizing more than just technical analysis on charts.
  • Superstate – Issues short-term government bonds based on the Ethereum blockchain to improve operational efficiency, improve record keeping, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Best Coins To Invest In ICO Analysis

With new tokens being launched almost every week in the cryptocurrency market, investors should take the time to conduct thorough research and due diligence to identify the most promising coin ICOs.

Important factors to consider here include the main goals of the project, its feasibility as a solution to a real-world problem, roadmap, target market, tokenomics, and any unique features the project may possess.

With these criteria in mind, we evaluated and ranked the top ICO coins that investors should pay close attention to in 2024.

1. Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) – Upgraded Version With 100x Meme Coin, Scheduled To Be Listed On Major Exchanges

SPONGE V2 is an upgraded version of the $SPONGE meme coin, which experienced an incredible 100-fold surge in the spring of 2023. $SPONGE, which secured more than 11,500 token holders as its market capitalization soared from just $1 million to $100 million, captured the attention of the cryptocurrency community and has continued to do so ever since.

The introduction of the V2 token brings several important upgrades, as described in the Sponge whitepaper. In particular, new tokens can be listed on major exchanges such as Binance or OKX. Considering that Binance recently listed meme coins such as $BONK and $MEME, it is expected that $SPONGEV2 will also be listed in the near future.

In addition to listing on exchanges, the Sponge team is actively developing a P2E racing game that will give players the opportunity to earn additional $SPONGEV2 tokens. The game is scheduled to be released in 2024 and is expected to see a surge in new users. Updated information about the game’s release can be found on the Sponge Discord channel.

SPONGEV2 can only be acquired through bridging from V1 tokens. Investors must stake and permanently lock up V1 tokens and will receive V2 token rewards for 4 years. Investors who currently purchase V1 tokens for staking can receive V2 token bonuses, so now is the most advantageous time to enter the $SPONGEV2 market.

The goal of this project is to once again achieve a market capitalization of $100 million and surpass it by spreading the appeal of $SPONGEV2. Currently, investors can participate in Sponge V2 while token supply is limited ahead of listing on major exchanges.

Interested investors can follow Sponge on Telegram and X to receive the latest updates on the V2 launch.

Hard CapN/A
Total Supply150 billion
Ico Sales QuantityN/A
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token TypeERC-20
Minimum Purchase Quantitydoesn’t exist
How To PurchaseUSDT, ETH, card

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2. Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) – Introducing a new coin ICO and stake-to-mine token

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) is emerging as a promising ICO coin, having achieved great success, raising approximately $4.5 million. The project’s popularity stems from providing a simple and accessible way for individuals to mine Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Minetrix is ​​powered by the Ethereum blockchain, a more powerful and environmentally friendly alternative to Bitcoin’s outdated proof-of-work architecture.

The Bitcoin blockchain is currently dominated by a small number of centralized mining companies that use expensive and environmentally harmful hardware equipment known as ASICs. Bitcoin has faced significant criticism due to the environmental impact of this mining method.

Bitcoin Minetrix presents an innovative solution. The application introduced stake-to-mining credits upon launch. This means that users can automatically earn mining credits on the Bitcoin blockchain by staking tokens in a simple one-click process, without requiring any special and environmentally harmful hardware or software.

The only prerequisites are owning a Web3 wallet and the ability to purchase and stake coins. The mining credits earned are non-transferable ERC20 tokens that are only used to purchase BTC mining power through burning. The more tokens you burn, the more profit you can earn.

The integrated dashboard provides comprehensive metrics including rewards, mining credits earned, mining credits purchased, etc., providing a detailed overview of the mining ecosystem. Additionally, the project plans to release a mobile application soon, allowing users to conveniently mine on the go.

This ICO coin is being sold at $0.0119 in stage 9 and the price increases with each stage thereafter, supplying over 2.8 billion BTCMTC tokens reaching the final stage price of $0.0148 in stage 39. The current staking APY is 130%, and the total token supply is limited to 4 billion.

For individuals looking for a simple way to earn BTC without impacting the environment, it can be an uncomplicated and straightforward choice. More information can be found on the project’s Twitter and Telegram accounts.

Hard Cap$32 million
Total Supply4 billion
Ico Sales Quantity2.8 billion
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token TypeERC-20
Minimum Purchase Amount$10
How To PurchaseUSDT, ETH, BNB

3. Meme Kombat ($MK) – Best ERC20 Memecoin ICO Offering 400% APY

Meme Kombat ($MK) is a newcomer to the market as one of the first ICOs to offer not just meme tokens, but the entire meme ecosystem. Serving as a battleground for famous memes like Floki, Shibainu, Doji, Sponge, and Pepe, Meme Kombat features cutting-edge illustrations enhanced by AI rendering. The platform has added real-time betting on the outcome of battles to its battle arena where you can earn money by playing.

Battle Arena results obtained through play are carried out on-chain, so they remain immutable, transparent, and fair.

Meme Kombat differentiates itself from general meme coin ICOs by introducing the unique concept of a platform where various meme icons gather to engage in meme battles, rather than focusing on a single meme icon. This is a very interesting approach, considering the large and active online user base associated with many meme icons. 

In Season 1 of Meme Kombat, 11 famous memes battle it out, including Doji, Floki, Baby Dodge, Milady, Quiche, Mong, Pepe, Pepe 2, Shibainu, Sponge, and Warjack, and more in the upcoming Season 2. Memes are coming.

This campaign provides a dual return on investment (ROI), both passive and active. In Meme Kombat, you can receive staking rewards currently set at 400%. Active ROI elements include a variety of betting options, including direct, player vs. player (PvP), and player vs. game (PvG). Users can predict results based on statistics, develop personalized strategies, and develop their own strategies through various in-play bets to earn high profits.

AI sequencing makes battle sequences random and unpredictable. Additionally, the visual effects generated by AI rendering create more realistic and immersive battle scenarios. The campaign recognizes the importance of visual quality, building on the success of previous meme tokens that leveraged powerful visuals to capture user attention more effectively than text-based content.

Battle results are automatically executed on-chain. Additionally, founder Matt Whiteman is publicly active on LinkedIn, which is rare for a meme ICO, and has completed an audit by Coinsult, a blockchain security auditing company.

The ICO hard cap is $10 million and the current token price is $0.214. Of the total token supply of 120 million, which is relatively low for a meme coin, 50% can be used in ICO.

The project is considered a very strong coin ICO due to its attractive visual quality, the unique concept of allowing popular memes to participate in the AI ​​battle arena, and the founder’s disclosure, which is rare in the meme coin industry. The cryptocurrency community has shown strong support, raising over $2.25 million since its launch.

More details can be found in the white paper and on social media, Telegram and  Twitter.

Hard Cap$10 million
Total Supply120 million
Ico Sales Quantity60 million
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token TypeERC-20
Minimum Purchase Quantity100 tokens
How To PurchaseUSDT, ETH, BNB

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4. eTukTuk – A New Cryptocurrency ICO Focused On Developing Electric Charging Stations

eTukTuk aims to solve pollution problems by building a network of electric vehicle charging stations while providing financial incentives to local communities. Currently, carbon dioxide emissions from internal combustion engines (ICE) greatly exceed those of automobiles.

Built on Binance Smart Chain, the project has already successfully raised over $540,000 and launched its ICO offering an attractive Annual Staking Yield (APY) of 390%.

E-Tuk-Tuk, which aims to solve the emissions problem in developing countries, aims to convert tuk-tuk drivers to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV). The main plan of the project is to install electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and charging stations in urban and suburban areas.

The native token, $TUK, plays a pivotal role in expanding this ecosystem. eTukTuk plans to create an area where the ZEV and EVSE will be built, with local partners overseeing the manufacturing process.

To facilitate transactions, eTukTuk will introduce a driver app that will allow tuktuk drivers to pay at charging stations using $TUK tokens, a portion of which will be transferred to local partners.

Token holders can stake $TUK to sustain the ecosystem and receive fees from transactions generated. Additionally, users will receive regular inflation rewards by participating in staking pools.

eTukTuk is working to introduce solar power as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and non-renewable resources and aims to become completely self-sufficient by leveraging the local power grid.

The platform, which emphasizes local production, expects drivers’ wages to increase by around 400% due to reduced operating and maintenance costs. Interested investors can get the opportunity to participate in the token whitelist.

During the ongoing community sale, this cryptocurrency can be purchased for just $0.026.

Visit eTukTuk Presale Now

5. Green Bitcoin – ICO with 8.4 million tokens allocated, ERC-20 tokens providing rewards through Bitcoin price prediction

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) is a new cryptocurrency project that combines the legacy of Bitcoin and the sustainable blockchain of Ethereum. This unique project rewards users who accurately predict the future price of Bitcoin.

After staking the native token, $GBTC, token holders can predict the next day’s Bitcoin price. If you succeed in making an accurate prediction, you will receive daily $GBTC token rewards proportional to the staking amount.

To encourage long-term holding of tokens, Green Bitcoin offers more staking rewards depending on the holding period. Daily stakers receive rewards proportional to their stake size, and can receive an additional 20% bonus by locking up $GBTC for 6 months.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Green Bitcoin strives to provide a sustainable alternative to Bitcoin. Since it operates on the Ethereum platform with a proof-of-stake mechanism, it boasts 10,000 times lower energy consumption.

The total supply is 21 million, similar to Bitcoin, and Green Bitcoin allocates 8.4 million tokens for the ICO. Currently, the price of $GBTC in the initial pre-sale round is $0.18 and is expected to increase to $0.333 per token in the first public pre-sale round. Early investors can acquire $GBTC at a lower price during the initial ICO stage.

A significant portion of the token supply, 27.5%, will be distributed to investors through the staking reward system, and rewards will be provided daily until December 31, 2025. Green Bitcoin promises to continue introducing innovative gamification opportunities.

To learn more about this project, you can take a look at the Green Bitcoin whitepaper and join the community through our Telegram channel.

Total Supply21 million
Pre-Sale Quantity8.4 million GBTC
Token TypeERC-20
Minimum Purchase Quantitydoesn’t exist
How To PurchaseETH, USDT, card

6. Cogwise – Artificial intelligence-based deflationary cryptocurrency that provides staking rewards

Cogwise ($COGW) is an innovative cryptocurrency platform that provides various cryptocurrency-related services using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The core of the platform is $COGW, which can be staked to unlock premium AI models. The ICO, which is currently underway, has quickly received interest from investors and has raised more than $1.3 million to date.

This model includes a conversational AI-based assistant that can quickly handle any query. The platform uses natural language processing (NLP) and context recognition to ensure effective communication with users. Cogwise’s services include trading insights, chart pattern analysis, and wallet tracking. 

Additionally, Cogwise supports smart contract creation, making it easy to use even for users without expertise in contract creation. Cogwise, which supports on-chain analysis, can be an attractive ecosystem for developers participating in smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps).

Staking COGW gives you access to a variety of features and can also be used as a means of generating passive income. Cogwise supports a farming system where token holders can deposit tokens into a liquidity pool. By using tokens to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges, you can earn passive income proportional to the amount you stake in the pool.

35% of the generated profits and sales are burned, reducing the token supply. This measure will help reduce token supply in the long run. Cogwise’s total token supply is 1 billion, of which 40% is allocated to ICO. This pre-sale is targeting a hard cap of over $15 million.

During the pre-sale period, $COGW tokens can be purchased for $0.03 each, and the price is expected to increase to $0.065 when listed on the exchange. Interested investors can read the Cogwise white paper and join the Telegram channel to receive the latest news about the presale. 

Hard Cap$15,350,000
Total Supply10 billion
Ico Sales Quantity400 million
BlockchainEthereum Network
Token TypeERC-20
Minimum Purchase Quantitydoesn’t exist
How To PurchaseUSDT, ETH

7. Landlocker – Space exploration-themed P2E game coin ICO scheduled to be released

Landlocker ($LRT) is gaining attention in the cryptocurrency community as an attractive P2E game that offers both thrilling gameplay and significant earning opportunities.

The platform offers a variety of features, including in-game token rewards, tradable NFTs, and token-swapping opportunities. To participate in this vibrant P2E ecosystem, it is essential to own $LRT, the platform’s native token. Landlocker, which recently secured $1.75 million in a seed round, is preparing for its highly anticipated initial coin offering (ICO).

The token offering will be held in three rounds, with a total supply of 10 billion tokens, starting at a price of $0.00085 per token, and 1.2 billion tokens will be allocated for the ICO. Holding these tokens allows you to purchase in-game non-fungible tokens and participate in exciting 3D gaming competitions.

In this universe where you can earn money by playing, players can go on mining expeditions on artificial intelligence-generated planets or participate in survival game Last Man Standing battles. Rewards range from cryptocurrencies such as BTC and $LRT to valuable NFT materials and tradable fuel available on the NFT marketplace.

2D gameplay can also be rewarded with LMNT tokens, which have no intrinsic value but can be exchanged for $LRT through the soon-to-launch swapping ecosystem. To encourage long-term holding, Landlocker introduces a unique staking mechanism to provide passive income through NFT and token staking.

The ICO, which launched on November 27, 2023, allows the public to invest in the project for the first time and has already raised over $1.7 million.

Tokens can be exchanged for various cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Matic, Tether, and USDC. If you want to know more, you can read the LandLocker whitepaper and join the Telegram channel.

8. Pica Moon – Acquire NFT with new coins in pre-sale of $0.0006 and participate in the metaverse battle game

Pikamoon ($PIKA) is a P2E cryptocurrency platform where token holders can participate in the Metaverse ecosystem, purchase non-fungible tokens, and earn rewards. Currently, in the final stage of pre-sale, $PIKA is sold at a price of $0.0006.

Since the start of pre-sale, Pica Moon has set a hard cap of $6 million and has currently raised more than $4.25 million. Once the pre-sale ends, the platform plans to list $PIKA on cryptocurrency exchanges at a price of $0.0007 per token. Of the total supply of 50 billion, 15 billion tokens were allocated for presale.

PIKA token holders can purchase Pikamoon NFT avatars that can be deployed into battle with other avatars, similar to Pokémon. Pica Moon provides token rewards to players who perform well in battles and tournaments.

PicaMoon’s metaverse allows players to actively explore Dreva’s virtual world in real time. In this immersive experience, players explore four regions: the Water Kingdom, the Thunder Cluster, the Earth Region, and the Flame Empire.

Players can also access the NFT marketplace to purchase vital healing potions, boosts, and capture devices to help advance gameplay. Additionally, as time passes, players can expand their camp by capturing new Pikamoon avatars.

This project successfully completed an audit by CoinSniper. The PicaMoon white paper clearly states that Coinsult’s KYC (Know Your Customer) verification has been completed. For more information about this new cryptocurrency, you can follow the Pikamoon Telegram channel to receive updates. 

Pre-Sale BeginsMarch 2023
How To PurchaseUSDT, ETH
Hard Cap$6 million
Minimum Purchase Quantitydoesn’t exist
Maximum Purchase Quantitydoesn’t exist

9. Blue Sky – A new social media protocol that allows you to maintain your content, contacts, and followers across multiple platforms.

Blue Sky, the first ICO launched by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, has since spun off from Twitter, but still engages in social media interaction using its unique colors of blue and white. 

Jack Dorsey still continues to serve on the board of directors of the Public Interest Foundation. The organization’s mission is “to drive widespread adoption of technologies that promote open, decentralized public communication.”

Blue Sky aims to build a social Internet through a new model, the AT protocol. This protocol allows users to seamlessly migrate their profiles and content across various platforms. In other words, even if you are banned or censored on a certain platform, you can maintain your resources on other platforms.

Within Blue Sky’s framework, users can configure the content that appears in their feed by subscribing to specific tags. This feature allows users to control, filter, and monitor the content they see. This approach is much more effective than relying on third-party content management or platform guidelines.

Blue Sky also offers advantages to developers, especially in situations where centralized platforms like Twitter can suddenly restrict or charge fees for API access.

The portable account concept, which allows users to maintain ownership of their content and subscribers, addresses a growing market need. Many people have built careers around social content, but they are often vulnerable to the control of centralized media. Because of these vulnerabilities, alternative social platforms such as Rumble, Theta Network, DTUBE, and Zion are emerging.

Blue Sky stands out in that it provides a protocol that allows smooth transmission within the network. Developers can create multiple social media applications on Blue Sky, and users can enjoy complete autonomy by freely transferring their accounts between these platforms.

This coin ICO, scheduled for 2023, is based on ERC20 tokens.

10. SOLA-X – Solana-based smart liquidity protocol

SOLA-X is a cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize the way automated market makers (AMMs) are designed within the Solana ecosystem. We aim to achieve this by creating a smart and flexible liquidity pool. SOLA-X’s routing functionality allows liquidity providers to stake their assets directly into the pool.

These staked assets are allocated to various liquidity pools that provide high average annual returns (APY) depending on where they are needed most. The generated fees are then redistributed to individual stakers. Basically, SOLA-X provides automated pool selection and guarantees the highest interest rates. Additionally, staking pools can accommodate multiple assets, allowing investors to deposit more than one cryptocurrency.

SOLA-X is one of the first projects within the Solana ecosystem to improve the AMM architecture and therefore has a first-mover advantage. A seed sale round is currently in progress, and the native token, SAX, is being offered for only $0.0175 through ICO.

11. Cryptview – Research profit platform with scheduled coin ICO

CryptView is positioning itself as the world’s first research revenue platform that provides incentives to users who provide fundamental analysis of various cryptocurrencies using blockchain. Data provided by contributors is automatically organized and distributed to CryptView users after review by the community.

The platform prioritizes providing access to cryptocurrency fundamental data rather than emphasizing technical analysis. CryptView also provides the ability for users to share their portfolio models and receive compensation based on performance.

CryptView also provides real-time market data on virtual currencies. To incentivize users, the platform created a new digital token, $KVT, to reward contributors. The ICO of the $KVT token is scheduled to be launched in November 2023.

12. Superstate – Introducing Regulatory Compliant Blockchain Bonds

As governments around the world embrace blockchain technology, the likelihood of blockchain becoming mainstream adoption is increasing. Superstate’s mission to “Build the future of compliant blockchain-based financial products” reflects this trend. The trust was registered with the SEC on June 26, 2023, and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

This fund aims to obtain steady returns through government bonds while prioritizing liquidity. In particular, avoid investing in virtual currency-related assets and focus on investing in short-term U.S. Treasury bonds. The Superstate team strives to provide DeFi investors with a simple way to access real yields, essentially owning two asset classes: DeFi yields and Treasury yields.

The fund is currently investing in short-term government bonds and integrating them into the Ethereum blockchain and plans to invest in other government products in the future. Superstate was started by Robert Leshner, founder and CEO of Compound Finance, an Ethereum-based decentralized finance application, and is positioned as an advancement in the financial system.

Short-term government bonds may seem conservative, but Rescher’s approach is to start humble and gradually accept higher risks. He envisions a future where hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of offline assets are transferred to blockchain, and Superstate seeks to facilitate this movement.

Superstate represents the fusion of traditional and modern financial methodologies. While Wall Street transfer agents maintain ownership records of fund owners, Ethereum serves as a secondary verification source. Leveraging blockchain-based record management improves operational efficiency and improves the quality of service for fund owners.

Shareholders will have ownership records issued digitally through the Ethereum blockchain. This dual approach of blockchain/agent ownership enhances security, helping to mitigate the risk of permanent loss of ownership records when users forget their private keys.

Although listed as a planned ICO with details yet to be finalized, this offering could have a positive impact on the broader cryptocurrency industry. Superstate is contributing to legitimizing the sector through the integration of traditional finance and blockchain technology, particularly improving traditional finance (TradFi) products.

What is Coin ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

If this is your first time investing in cryptocurrency, it is important to understand coin ICO first. This is a widely used method for new projects to raise funds and attention to begin development or gain traction. Some of the cheapest cryptocurrencies to purchase also use ICOs to fund project development.

ICOs are distinct from initial exchange offerings (IEOs) and private sales, which represent different sales stages. We will look at the differences in more detail below.

What are the most famous coin ICO cases?

The cryptocurrency market has seen some of the most successful ICOs in history.

Ethereum conducted an ICO in 2014 and raised $18.4 million. Another representative example, Ada, solved a significant shortcoming of Ethereum and ran a much more successful ICO, raising over $62 million in 2017.

Recently, NEO has stood out by raising $28.06 million in ICO funds and recording an impressive ROI of +38.57 times the current US dollar. Additionally, numerous ICOs have provided unprecedented returns to investors in the short and medium term.

Banco raised $153 million through ICO, making it one of the best-selling ICOs in 2017. Banco, which was only worth $0.1174 in March 2020, has since soared a whopping 197.35%.

ICO and IEO – Understanding the Differences

New cryptocurrency projects seeking to raise funds through initial exchange offerings (IEOs) typically work with third-party intermediaries, or accredited partners, such as cryptocurrency exchanges or decentralized exchanges (DEXs). These partners act as intermediaries between developers and buyers. They evaluate new cryptocurrency projects applying for IEOs and oversee the fundraising process.

In the case of ICOs, new virtual currencies are generally not listed on virtual currency exchanges immediately, but several weeks or months after the token sale is completed. In rare cases, a project may end in failure due to lack of listing.

During an ICO, developers and sales teams conduct marketing campaigns using various channels such as PPC, social media, and online forums such as Reddit and Discord to attract new investors. Conversely, in an IEO, a third-party intermediary, such as a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, is responsible for marketing and sales activities on behalf of the new cryptocurrency project.

Of course, ICOs operate in an unregulated space, so investors must exercise extreme caution. It is important to conduct comprehensive research and due diligence before investing in an ICO, and it is recommended that you only invest an amount that you can afford to lose.

Even if an ICO appears promising and shows potential in terms of roadmap, tokenomics, and long-term development plan, success cannot be guaranteed. Ultimately, the market determines the fate of these projects, making them inherently risky investments.

How to Rank the Best Coin ICOs

In the current coin ICO environment, identifying projects with high growth potential requires comprehensive evaluation according to specific criteria.

Curating a list of the best coin ICO picks involves scrutinizing a variety of metrics. This includes assessing real-world use cases and the intrinsic value of the project, evaluating short- and long-term potential, listing on major exchanges, and measuring the size of word of mouth and follower base on social media. This multifaceted analysis helps identify projects with promising growth prospects.

Key questions to choose an ICO coin with high potential

  • Does the project have the potential to generate significant returns in both short- and long-term scenarios?
  • Does it present a true use case and utility that can lead to widespread adoption and subsequent benefits?
  • What are the opinions among like-minded investors and cryptocurrency traders on social media? Is the hype surrounding the ICO coin serious?

Potential for huge ROI

When looking for the next promising ICO coin, it is important to evaluate whether the cryptocurrency project has the potential to generate significant returns in the short and long term.

According to a report by Smith + Crown, cryptocurrency ICOs raised $180 million in 2017, an increase of $79 million compared to 2016. In particular, it is worth noting that investors who participated in XRP’s ICO in 2017 are currently recording a return on investment of +7,152.97%.

When considering a coin ICO in hopes of potentially high returns, other essential factors such as use cases, tokenomics, and price history should also be carefully examined. ICOs tend to be highly volatile, so their value can rise or fall sharply. Therefore, investors and traders should only invest an amount that they can afford to lose.

Key use cases and practical applications

Another key metric we use when compiling our list of top coin ICO recommendations for 2024 is its usefulness in real life. In other words, the focus is on how these cryptocurrencies can be used in everyday life. When considering your next investment, it is important to select unique assets that offer innovative business solutions or address societal challenges.

Identifying ICOs with promising use cases can help you gauge which projects are most likely to enter mainstream culture upon listing on an exchange. A representative example is Ecoterra, a coin ICO that emphasizes usefulness in real life. This eco-friendly cryptocurrency is introducing the Recycle2Earn app, which features recycling tokens, carbon credits, and eco-friendly activities. Launching its first ICO, Ecoterra aims to raise $2 million in the initial stage.

To understand the utility of a new ICO, it is very effective to take a closer look at the white paper. These documents serve as a valuable resource, providing insight into the project’s goals, token economics, roadmap, and other related details. Therefore, when making investment decisions related to ICOs, white papers play an important role in providing essential information that should not be overlooked.

Get a sense of the overall mood through social media

Lastly, when ranking the best coin ICOs in 2024, it is most important to understand the trends of coins trending on social media. According to a CNBC survey, one in 10 individuals has experience investing in cryptocurrency in some form. 

The majority of these individual investors get their insights from popular cryptocurrency Telegram signals, YouTube channels, and Twitter feeds. These platforms serve as a resource for getting the latest information about new cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

By closely monitoring social media channels, you can identify the most popular ICOs at the moment. This social media buzz becomes a valuable indicator, comparing it to other important factors such as price history and availability to determine the true potential upside of a new ICO.

However, it is important to note that while word of mouth on social media may increase trader activity and increase the value of a cryptocurrency, this does not mean it is a solid long-term investment opportunity. 

In order to evaluate the sustainability and long-term viability of ICOs as an investment prospect, many factors beyond social media trends must be carefully considered.

Many newly launched tokens often show a rapid rise after the hype, but then plummet immediately. That’s why it’s important to set your risk tolerance and properly diversify your assets to mitigate potential risks.

How does ICO proceed?

In the process of starting a new cryptocurrency project, teams often raise funds from venture capitalists (VCs) or individual investors. However, compared to these traditional and laborious methods, ICO is a more accessible alternative. ICOs allow projects to secure funding from a wider pool of investors, including institutional and individual investors.

Not only does ICO fundraising benefit projects by broadening their investor base, but it also brings significant returns to early investors who discover promising ICOs ahead of the broader market.

ICO process

  • In an ICO, a project offers and sells its own tokens in exchange for existing cryptocurrencies such as USDT or Ethereum.
  • Investors who participate in an ICO acquire newly minted tokens that represent equity or utility within the project.
  • Funds raised through ICO are generally used for the project’s development, infrastructure, marketing activities, and other operating expenses.

During an ICO, the cryptocurrency is often offered at a lower price than the expected listing price. During the pre-sale phase, tokens are often sold at a significant discount, allowing investors to purchase tokens at a much lower price than the expected exchange listing price. Some ICOs are private, while others are open to the public.

In fact, some of the major ICO coins introduced in this guide are currently in the pre-sale stage. This allows investors to purchase the token at a discounted price before it is listed on the exchange for a certain period of time.

Why buy ICO coins?

ICO coins have almost no barriers to entry, making them more accessible to the point where anyone can get started. However, for the same reason, investors must exercise caution before investing funds in ICO coins.

Investing in ICO coins carries a significant level of risk and potential reward. Certain coins showed surprising price increases, with prices soaring by hundreds or thousands of percentage points immediately after being listed on the exchange. However, some ICOs suffered a decline in value as early investors quickly sold their tokens, and some projects failed to realize their potential for various reasons.

Certain projects have ambitious long-term plans that may take years to realize, leaving investors uncertain throughout the development phase. Therefore, it is important for investors to thoroughly understand the nature of the investment before purchasing tokens.

While some ICO coins have the potential to develop into profitable investments, other cryptocurrencies may experience significant sell-offs along with an initial surge, causing the value of the tokens held to decline. Results often depend on specific factors such as the unique nature of the project, target market, future potential, etc.

Despite these considerations, there are general benefits to investing in coin ICOs, which we will look at in more detail below.

Potential to earn big profits in the short and long term

Investing in coin ICOs can yield significant returns based on several important factors.

First, by participating in an early-stage ICO, investors can acquire tokens at a low cost compared to the expected future value. If a project gains attention and is widely adopted, tokens acquired during the ICO stage will experience a significant increase in value. 

As a representative example, Bitcoin, which was first released to the market at $0.04865 in 2010, soared to $68,789.63 in November 2021, recording an incredible increase of +52,602,382.66%.

Second, because ICO coins arouse considerable interest and excitement within the virtual currency community, their prices tend to skyrocket when the tokens are listed on exchanges. This initial hype often creates lucrative opportunities for early investors.

Lastly, successful ICO coin projects have the potential to introduce groundbreaking technologies, innovative business models, or solutions to existing problems. If these projects deliver on their promises and are widely adopted, the value of their associated tokens could soar, generating significant returns for early backers.

Nonetheless, it is important to recognize that investing in ICO coins involves significant risks, including the possibility of fraud, regulatory uncertainty, and market volatility. Thorough research and due diligence play an important role in identifying projects with strong fundamentals and potential for long-term success.

Early entry into innovative coin projects

The best way to generate profits with cryptocurrency is to make an initial investment in projects with potential for future growth. Participating in a cryptocurrency ICO provides a great opportunity to invest in early-stage projects.

Herd mentality and FOMO

Investing in cryptocurrency ICOs can be tempting due to herd mentality and fear of missing out (FOMO), but here are a few things to consider:

Herd psychology refers to the tendency of investors and cryptocurrency investors to imitate the behavior of the public. If a particular ICO coin generates a lot of interest and buzz in the market, some traders may feel pressured to invest just because other people are investing. For fear of being left out, many people join the investment frenzy without thoroughly assessing the fundamentals or potential risks of the project.

Additionally, fear of being left out (FOMO) also plays an important role in driving ICO investment. ICOs often have steep price spikes in the early stages, leaving investors fearful that they could miss out on huge profits if they don’t participate. The fear of missing out on the next major investment opportunity can lead to impulsive and irrational decision-making in the pursuit of significant returns.

Additionally, the allure of rapid wealth accumulation through successful ICOs can deepen FOMO. Stories of people who have made huge profits by investing in virtual currencies such as Dogecoin or Siba Inugua further amplify the fear of alienation and encourage more people to join the investment.

Expert Tips

Investing solely based on herd mentality and FOMO carries inherent risks. These investment decisions may lack careful analysis and due diligence, which can increase the likelihood of falling victim to fraud, market manipulation, or investing in projects with weak fundamentals.

Therefore, it is essential for investors to exercise caution, conduct comprehensive research, and make investment decisions based on a balanced assessment of the project’s feasibility, potential risks, and long-term prospects. This approach helps mitigate the risks associated with impulsive decision-making and increases the likelihood of making informed, prudent investment choices.

How to Find the Best Coin ICO to Invest in

Investors wishing to participate in a coin ICO must conduct thorough research to gather specific project details. This is because there are hundreds of ICOs on the market, and dozens more are added every day.

Here are some factors investors can utilize to identify the most promising ICO coins currently available:

Make the most of your ICO calendar

Investors use the ICO calendar as a useful tool to identify coin ICOs that best fit their investment strategy. Here’s how:

The calendar provides useful information about upcoming ICOs in one place, providing details such as project description, token sale date, fundraising goal, team information, and link to the official project website. Investors can use the data collected to efficiently evaluate multiple ICOs and make informed decisions tailored to their investment goals and preferences.

Assessing the suitability and sustainability of the project – Investors can analyze the ICO schedule to assess whether the project aligns with their investment goals and preferences.

Investors consider a variety of factors, including the project’s industry, use cases, technical aspects, and team expertise, to determine whether the project meets their investment criteria. This evaluation process allows investors to filter out the ICOs that best fit their portfolio composition and risk tolerance.

Stay abreast of market trends and community sentiment – ​​The ICO calendar provided by CoinMarketCap frequently includes user ratings, reviews, and discussions. Analyzing this information allows investors to gauge market sentiment and community views related to a particular ICO.

It is very important to assess interest, anticipated demand, and overall awareness of the project. These insights help investors pinpoint ICO coins that are generating significant interest and have a supportive community.

Conduct your own due diligence and research – The ICO calendar acts as a stepping stone for investors to conduct further research and due diligence. Once a potential ICO candidate is selected, investors can take a closer look at aspects such as the project’s whitepaper, roadmap, team credentials, partnerships, and market analysis.

This careful analysis helps investors evaluate a project’s feasibility, potential risks, and growth potential, allowing investors to make smarter investment choices.

How reliable is the ICO calendar?

Although the ICO calendar provides an overview, investors should exercise caution and conduct independent research and market analysis to verify the information provided by these platforms.

Social Media References

Social media serves as an important platform for investors seeking exposure to upcoming ICO projects. Investors can get real-time information about newly launched projects on the market by using hashtags or following popular cryptocurrency-related pages.

Having a large number of social media followers is a positive indicator that the project is popular among other investors and will likely gain a user base when the protocol launches.

Additionally, it is a good idea to follow finance and cryptocurrency influencers like Jacob Crypto Bury on platforms such as YouTube channels and Twitter to discover notable new ICO coins in the cryptocurrency space in 2024.

Cryptocurrency aggregation and news website

Websites dedicated to tracking everything happening in the cryptocurrency industry, such as Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg Crypto, are great resources for cryptocurrency news and updates. These platforms often offer newsletters that summarize the latest news and analysis in the cryptocurrency space.

Additionally, many of these websites provide lists of coin ICOs, giving investors a reference point to discover attractive projects in the cryptocurrency market.

Discord/Telegram Channel

Cryptocurrency investors typically use Discord and Telegram as discussion platforms to explore new projects and investment prospects. Here are some guidelines for using Discord and Telegram channels to discover the most promising coin ICO projects:

Join the cryptocurrency community

Participating in Discord communities or popular Telegram cryptocurrency groups is an effective way to stay informed about the latest news and potential investment opportunities. It is also easy to find communities specializing in ICO coin projects or specific cryptocurrency sectors such as DeFi or GameFi.

Investors can join Jacob Bury’s Discord channel to receive real-time updates on promising coin ICOs.

Join the discussion

You can gather insights and diverse perspectives on new ICO projects by actively participating in discussions within the community. Asking questions and providing feedback is a good approach to increase understanding of the project and explore potential investment possibilities.

Join the ICO announcement channel

Many ICO projects have dedicated Discord and Telegram channels to communicate updates and investment prospects. By subscribing to these channels, you can stay informed about the most recent developments and investment opportunities.

What are the risks when investing in ICO?

Investing in ICO coins carries inherent risks, so security measures protecting investors’ funds must be thoroughly scrutinized. It is a good idea to look for detailed information about the project’s security protocols and strategies to ensure investor funds are protected. In the next section, we will outline basic indicators that can help investors identify the best ICO coins available on the market.

Potential lug pull and pump and dump methods

Participating in coin ICOs may expose traders to various risks, including lug pulls and pump and dumps. Let’s take a closer look at some of these risks:

What is rug pull?

A lug pull occurs when an unscrupulous developer or individual within the cryptocurrency space intentionally manipulates the value of a token after launch, causing significant losses to investors. 

Typically, these scams suddenly remove liquidity from a token’s trading pool, causing a sharp drop in price. Investors affected by a rug pull may lose a significant portion or all of their investment.

What is a pump and dump?

The pump and dump method artificially inflates the price of virtual currency through systematic buying and exaggerated marketing, creating false fear and demand.

When prices reach a certain level, perpetrators sell their holdings, causing a sharp price decline. Investors who enter the market during the pump phase may suffer significant losses if they purchase overvalued tokens and eventually experience a dump.

Unregulated assets

Due to the lack of regulation and safety measures for investors, the ICO coin market is relatively more volatile and risky than traditional financial markets, and investors are inevitably exposed to potential fraud.

Fraudsters can easily set up a fake ICO coin project, collect funds from investors, and then disappear with the money. Additionally, the decentralized nature of virtual currencies makes it difficult to identify and prosecute criminals and complicates the process of recovering investors’ losses. 

People considering investing in ICO coins should exercise caution, research thoroughly, and remain alert for warning signs that may indicate a potential scam or malicious plan.

Read the project white paper and evaluate its legitimacy

A white paper is a document that explains the goals and related information of a virtual currency project. It usually provides a glimpse into the team’s philosophy and long-term goals, and sometimes includes a technical report detailing the underlying technology of the project. 

Investors can also check information on how the project will use funds and distribute tokens. Undoubtedly, this document plays an important role in helping investors capture the vision of the project and understand how to make it a reality.

If a new cryptocurrency project does not release a white paper or presents a white paper that lacks clarity, investors should consider this a red flag.

Team investigation

An important factor to consider when evaluating an ICO is the project team, and thorough research into the team members’ backgrounds is required. 

Many memecoin projects feature anonymous developers, which could be a potential red flag. However, smart investors can distinguish between healthy and questionable meme projects by comprehensively examining various aspects of the project, such as roadmap, tokenomics, the social media community, and whether the smart contract has been audited by a reputable company.

Are coin ICOs legal?

ICOs have grown significantly in popularity among new cryptocurrency projects looking to raise capital, but their legal status is a matter of debate in many jurisdictions. 

Many ICO coins are operating outside of existing regulations, resulting in a lack of oversight and fraudulent activity. However, in some cases, ICOs are classified as security token issuances and fall under the authority of regulatory agencies such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A recent report from Bloomberg details a US judge’s ruling that ICOs are subject to securities laws.

The SEC urged investors to exercise caution and caution when participating in ICO coin investments, emphasizing the importance of investigating the legality of the offer and those involved. The SEC specifically warned against unrealistic profit guarantees and emphasized that those promoting offers or selling coins or tokens must comply with regulatory standards.

In some countries, such as the United States, ICOs are subject to strict regulatory requirements and must comply with securities laws. Conversely, other countries regulate ICOs and recognize them as a legitimate means of raising funds.

How to invest in ICO

The method of investing in coin ICO varies from project to project, and different procedures are applied. For certain projects, investors can purchase new cryptocurrencies directly from the project website. Conversely, in some cases, investors may need to complete the investment process through listing on a fair exchange.

Below is a brief explanation of how to purchase $BTCMTX tokens:

  • Step 1 – Create a Cryptocurrency Wallet: To purchase $BTCMTX tokens directly from the Bitcoin Minetrix website, investors must first have a cryptocurrency wallet. MetaMask is a popular wallet that is compatible with the ERC-20 token standard and can be used to connect to ICO platforms.
  • Step 2 – Purchase ETH/USDT: Investors must have sufficient Ethereum or USDT tokens to purchase $BTCMTX. Investors can purchase tokens from a cryptocurrency exchange or broker and then transfer the digital tokens to their personal digital wallet. Most wallets also offer the option to purchase major tokens directly.
  • Step 3 – Connect your wallet: Visit the Bitcoin Minetrix website and connect your wallet.
  • Step 4 – Purchase $BTCMTX tokens: After connecting, select the appropriate option and enter the desired amount of $BTCMTX tokens. A dialog box will appear informing you of the token purchase balance required to cover network transaction fees. Confirm the transaction and associated network fees to complete your purchase.
  • Step 5 – Claim $BTCMTX tokens: Purchased tokens will be stored on the Bitcoin Minetrix website until the ICO ends. After the pre-sale is completed, investors can claim the tokens before they are listed on the exchange.


As highlighted in this guide, coin ICOs provide a great opportunity for investors to participate in new projects from an early stage and secure tokens with significant potential. 

However, due to the risks involved and the lack of regulatory safeguards, it is important for investors to exercise caution, assess their risk tolerance, and recognize that returns are not guaranteed.

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