Baron Geisler On Intimate Scene w/ Cristine Reyes In ‘Dearly Beloved’

Baron Geisler has a reunion movie with Cristine Reyes

Actor Baron Geisler admitted that he was a bit surprised when he learned that he has an intimate scene with actress Cristine Reyes in their reunion movie Dearly Beloved.

Baron has done many movies and TV series. Despite his years in the entertainment industry, he still feels nervous about certain projects, like his new project with Cristine, directed by Marla Ancheta. He shared that he became a fan of Cristine when he was in rehab.

In a recent interview, based on the article in Bandera, Baron admitted that he felt like his blood pressure increased while he was preparing for his intimate scene with Cristine.

baron geisler cristine reyes
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The actor shared that he would always make sure he smelled nice every time he would knock on his leading lady’s door. “Talagang nagpapabango ako, nagtu-toothbrush ako, para hindi ako amoy usok,” Baron Geisler shared.

Then, he shared his reaction after reading the script and finding out that they had a kissing scene. Baron also asked Cristine about her kissing scene with Empoy Marquez in the movie Kidnap For Romance.

“Sabi ko paano siya nakakuha ng confidence? ‘Wala ginawa lang namin’, sabi ni Cristine. Kasi, di ba? Nandu’n sa script (halikan)…nanginginig talaga yung kamay ko,” the actor shared.

After that, Baron talked to their director about the kissing scene. “Then I talked to Direk, sabi ko, ‘Direk, parang hindi ko kayang gawin ‘to. Para akong mahihimatay. Muntik na ‘kong magpa-check ng BP, walang joke,” he said, adding that it was not even an intense kissing scene.

He was really hesitant and Cristine broke his intimidated feeling. The actress told him that it was enough of him to feel that way and they should finish the scene. With this, he felt ashamed and went on.

Dearly Beloved is about Deo (Baron) and Shel (Cristine) who met in a bar and immediately fell in love with each other. Then, they would build their own family.

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