PhilHealth: Free Breast Cancer Tests To Begin In July

PhilHealth Announces Free Breast Cancer Screenings Commencing in July

PHILHEALTH – The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) will provide free breast cancer tests starting in July.

Beginning in July, women will have access to free mammogram and breast ultrasound examinations annually through a breast cancer prevention and detection program facilitated by PhilHealth.

According to Speaker Martin Romualdez, PhilHealth President and CEO Emmanuel Ledesma Jr. informed him of this initiative during a recent meeting. Earlier, Romualdez had advocated for PhilHealth to offer these essential tests for breast cancer detection at no cost to women.

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During their discussion, Ledesma assured Romualdez of PhilHealth’s commitment, stating, “We will fulfill our promise, sir. We are dedicated to meeting your expectations. We are confident in our ability to meet your request,” with services expected to commence in July.

Romualdez commended PhilHealth for their prompt response, emphasizing that “this development is incredibly beneficial for Filipino women, particularly during Women’s Month.”

“Early detection is key in addressing various health concerns, and by removing financial barriers to these essential services, PhilHealth is helping to save lives and promote a healthier future for our women,” he said.

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Based on a report from Inquirer, on Tuesday, Health Secretary Teodoro Herbosa additionally declared that he had directed PhilHealth to incorporate ultrasound and mammogram services into its “Konsulta” benefits package, with plans for swift implementation across the nation.

“This will ensure sustainable financing of preventive health services that can catch cancer and other conditions early so that we can unload higher level hospitals within the health care provider network,” Herbosa added in a statement.

Earlier this month, PhilHealth raised the coverage for breast cancer in its benefits package to P1.4 million, a significant increase from the previous P100,000.

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