GSIS Survivorship Claim 2024 — A Guide for Beneficiaries of Deceased Members

GSIS SURVIVORSHIP CLAIM 2024 – Here are the details about this Government Service Insurance System benefit offer for the beneficiaries.

One of the advantage of maintaining an updated membership to the GSIS is that, in case of death, your family will not be left with nothing. They may file for the GSIS Survivorship claim to obtain a pension.

GSIS Survivorship Benefits 2024 Application Process & Requirements

How To File Claim for GSIS Survivorship Benefits 2024 Offer for Members

GSIS SURVIVORSHIP BENEFITS 2024 – You can check here a guide in filing your Survivorship Benefit claim to the Government Service Insurance System.

Millions of Filipinos in the Philippines are working in the government thus millions of people are also members of the Government Service Insurance System. More popularly called GSIS, the government workers are mandated to maintain an active membership to the said state-run social insurance institution.

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There is a huge advantage in maintaining an updated account to GSIS by regularly posting monthly contributions. Aside from the fact that it helps you secure your retirement, there are several offers for members who have updated accounts.

The Government Service Insurance System got the GSIS loans as well as the many different benefit offers. One of the benefit offers is the Survivorship Benefit offer.

GSIS Survivorship Benefits 2024
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The Government Service Insurance System has crafted the GSIS Survivorship Benefits which grant the beneficiaries of a deceased member a monthly pension based on the contributions of the member. Undeniably, it provides the members an assurance that their loved ones will not be left behind with nothing when they pass away.

There is an easy process in filing for the GSIS Survivorship Benefits offer. Here are the steps that you may follow:

Step 1 — Check the Eligibility Requirements.

The primary beneficiary of the GSIS Survivorship Benefits is the legal spouse of the deceased member of the Government Service Insurance System. He/She will continue to receive the benefits until he/she remarries or cohabits with another person.

Aside from the legal spouse, the children of the deceased GSIS member regardless of their legitimacy are also considered as primary beneficiaries until they reach the legal age of maturity.

In case the deceased is single and has no children, the parents are considered as the secondary beneficiaries who will receive the benefit grant.

Step 2 — Prepare the Documentary Requirements.

Gather the requirements for GSIS Survivorship Benefit Claim application. Make sure to have all the documents needed in applying for the benefit.

Step 3 — File Claim to GSIS.

There are different ways that you can file for a benefit claim to the Government Service Insurance System. Below, you can find the application mode that is most convenient for you:

  • Over-the-Counter
    • Go to a branch of GSIS nearest to you and submit all your requirements for the GSIS Unemployment Benefit 2023 application.
  • Online Process
    • Fill out the application form and prepare your documentary requirements in JPEG or PDF files.
    • Email your files to your designated email address with the subject containing the following information:
      • TYPE OF GSIS BENEFIT (underscore) BP NUMBER (underscore) LASTNAME (underscore) FIRSTNAME (underscore) AGENCYNAME
    • Wait for the following:
      • Email aAcknowledgement from GSIS
      • Tentative Loan Computation and Loan Conformity
      • Notification of incomplete and/or non-compliant documents (if applicable)
    • Find a GWAPS KIOSK nearest to you
    • Place your UMID and thumb mark on the GWAPS kiosk.
    • Choose the benefit you wish to file a claim for and follow the instructions to complete the filing of claim.
    • Log in to your GSIS account.
    • Choose the benefit you wish to file a claim for and follow the instructions to complete the process.
Step 4 — Wait for the Release of your Money.

The Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) will update you about your application for a Survivorship Benefit claim. Wait for a notification from the state-run social insurance agency.

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