RCBC Offers Motorcycle Loan — Get that Dream Bike Now!

Guide on RCBC Motorcycle Loan Offer You Might Like To Apply For

RCBC – Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation’s Auto Loan offer actually accepts the financing of a motorcycle acquisition.

Nowadays, a lot of people like the benefits of having a motorcycle — even if you already have a four-wheeled vehicle at home. While bikes are toys for the big boys, they have a lot of advantages including the following:

  • you can to your destination on-time as it can easily get past the long queues of cars during traffic
  • low fuel consumption and maintenance
  • you can easily drive to somewhere even during the wee hours of the day

There are countless units of motorcycle and most men have their own dream bike. However, truth be told that not everyone is willing to go for a cash purchase of a motorcycle most especially amid the high inflation rate in the Philippines now.

Fathers and breadwinners prioritize putting their money in food, bills, the kids’ education, medical needs, and a lot more over getting a new bike. Meanwhile, a motorcycle acquisition is actually possible even without shelving out a large amount of money.

There are entities that you can turn to for a motorcycle loan. One of them is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or more popularly called RCBC. It is actually under the Auto Loan offer of the bank that you can opt for a motorcycle purchase financing.

The loan offer of RCBC is open to finance both brand new and pre-owned motorcycles. The loan is payable for up to 60 months and it is open for both employed and self-employed individuals.

The bank boasts its loan offer with the following excellent features as options:

  • low monthly amortization
  • flexible and worry-free insurance coverage for the entire loan term
  • free insurance for the first year of your loan term, free chattel mortgage fees, and low downpayment
Motorcycle Purchase under RCBC Auto Loan

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