Ria Atayde Rumored Pregnancy, Gela Atayde Reacts

The sister of Ria Atayde answered this rumor

Actress Ria Atayde is rumored to be pregnant after she and her boyfriend actor Zanjoe Marudo announced their engagement.

Ria and Zanjoe have been lowkey when it comes to their relationship. Their engagement announcement was also simple. The actress just shared photos of them with the caption, “Forever sounds good, ” which ended with a ring emoji.

Zanjoe’s engagement announcement was a simple photo with Ria and he captioned this with, “My fiancee.” The newly engaged couple has not yet discussed their engagement in interviews.

After the announcement that they made, rumors surfaced that Ria Atayde is pregnant already. Based on the article in Balita, Gela Atayde, the sister of the actress debunked the rumors.

For me I can’t say much yet. For now, no. They’re trying that’s for sure. My sister has PCOS and it would be a miracle if she has a child,” Ria’s sister stressed.

Gela also shared that their parents are very supportive of Ria because she is mature now at the age of 32. She also commented on the proposal that Zanjoe made. Gela said that she loves her Kuya Z and she cried when they told her about the engagement.

She added that she loved how the actor proposed to her sister. “He just did it in bed just both of them just woke up so we weren’t there,” Gela shared.

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One of the happiest people about Ria and Zanjoe’s engagement is none other than Sylvia Sanchez. The seasoned actress expressed her happiness for the couple through her social media post. She said that Ria Atayde and Zanjoe Marudo are perfectly matched.

Sylvia’s happiness was also obvious when her son Arjo Atayde tied the knot with Maine Mendoza. The actress has been very expressive of her expectation to have their grandchild soon.

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