Metrobank Platinum Mastercard Features & Benefits for Credit Cardholders

Guide on Metrobank Platinum Mastercard — Here’s What You Should Know

METROBANK PLATINUM MASTERCARD – Here are the features and benefits for the credit cardholders of the World Mastercard.

Are you looking for a bank where you may apply for a credit card? One of the entities that you may turn to is Metrobank, a trusted and reputable banking entity in the Philippines.


While credit cards, or should I say the mismanagement of its use, have left countless individuals in debts, they really have a lot of advantages. If you have a credit card, you have something to turn to when your money could no longer make it to the next payday or there is an unforeseen hospital confinement.

It all boils down to how you handle your credit card. One of the banks that you may turn to in the Philippines for a credit card is Metrobank. Its Metrobank Platinum Mastercard have several features.

Metrobank Platinum Mastercard Features & Benefits
Screengrabbed from Metrobank

For every P20 spend using your Metrobank Platinum Mastercard, you get 1 point aside from the many other features and benefits of this credit card offer. It has earned the tagline as the “shopping and dining card”.

Here are some of the features and benefits of the Metrobank Platinum Mastercard:

  • up to 50% off or half the price when enjoying premium dinings at many restaurants including the following:
    • Mgyuu Steaks
    • Botejyu
    • Melo’s
    • Greyhound Cafe
    • The Lind Boracay
    • Jasmine
    • M Bakery
    • Hai Shin Lou Cebu
    • Pizza Hut
    • Kimpura
    • Paper Moon
    • Peking Garden
    • Mirèio
    • La Piazza in Okada Manila
    • Wagyu Studio
    • Gloria Maris
    • Wildflour Group
  • automatic worldwide insurance for online item purchases with e-Commerce Protection
  • contactless credit card enables secure and faster paperless payments anywhere
  • has an embedded chip that can protect you from credit card fraud due to cloning
  • discounts, free gifts and great deals with partner establishments
  • perpetually waived annual fee for your first assigned supplementary card
  • 0% installment program from a wide range of merchant establishments
  • earn Rewards Points everytime you use your Metrobank Platinum Mastercard

Just like in other credit card applications, the bank has prepared sets of requirements for this Metrobank Credit Card application. The requirements may vary among locally-employed, self-employed, and foreigner individuals as well as individuals with an existing credit card of other banks.

Aside from the said credit card offer, the bank also offers Metrobank World Mastercard and Metrobank Travel Platinum Visa.

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