Janella Salvador Admits Being Impatient In Her Career

Janella Salvador talked about what she wants to do more in her career

Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador admitted being impatient in her showbiz career because of several projects that did not push through.

Janella recently renewed her contract with ABS-CBN. In an interview after the contract signing event, based on the article in Bandera, the actress shared that she felt like the urge in her to pursue improvement disappeared.

She said that at times, she lacks the motivation to be better. There are times when she wants to do something but she never thought of mastering or improving herself constantly.

janella salvador
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The actress said that this is her personal goal now. “I wanna be able to write a song, ’cause I know I can do these things. I don’t wanna be stuck on potential. ‘Yun ang personal goals ko,” Janella Salvador said.

She admitted that she was getting impatient in her career in 2023 even though she had several projects last year. Janella shared that several projects did not push through including her supposed GL (Girls Love) series with her Darna co-star Jane de Leon.

However, she understands why these projects did not materialize. “But I was just getting so impatient, and I wanted to do something,” she said.

This 2024, Janella shared that she’s excited about the things she will do. She said that everything that did not push through last year, she’ll make sure that will happen this year. She also shared that she and Jane already said yes to the GL project but there were bumps along the way and this did not push through, and this made her sad.

On the other hand, Janella Salvador said that she was offered to do the How to Be A Good Wife but she’s aware that their fans are waiting for the GL series.

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