Viral Teacher’s Son Responds to Criticism Amid Controversy

Viral Teacher’s Son Receives Various Reactions Online After Responding to Criticism Against His Father

The teacher’s son responded to the controversy to address the criticisms that his father received from the online community.

The viral video of a teacher disciplining a student in an appropriate manner has earned various reactions online, with the teacher’s son stepping forward to address the criticisms and clarify the situation.

In the video, a male teacher can be seen employing harsh disciplinary measures towards a student. The incident sparked public outcry and calls for the cruel educator’s license to be revoked.

Viral Teacher's Son

Recently, a Facebook user named Val Cabase, the eldest son of the viral teacher, expressed his apologies to the public while also defending his father’s actions. The post immediately spread like wildfire on social media.

Cabase apologize for his dad’s action, who admitted his fault and deeply regretted it. The entire family is currently in pain. The latter reiterated that he will accept whatever consequence his father will face.

Val pointed out that many people rushed to judgment without fully understanding the circumstances shown in the video.

Viral Teacher's Son

The young man explained that his father, a devoted teacher and loving father of four, had never resorted to such harsh disciplinary actions before. He described his father as a committed educator who prioritized the well-being and education of his students.

The viral teacher’s son expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support his family has received from those who understand the hardships of the situation and recognize his father’s inherent goodness.

While the Department of Education (DepEd) has yet to issue a statement on the matter, several fellow teacher have expressed their solidarity with the Cabase family, acknowledging the challenges teachers face in maintaining discipline while nurturing their students.

Here is the full post:

Hello everyone. This is Val. I am the eldest son of the teacher who trended online (the video is now around 2.6 million views, but you might not see it anymore) because of how he disciplined his student. Please allow me to share my sentiments.

We apologize that my dad did not respond to the situation appropriately. He admitted his fault and deeply regretted it, and my whole family is in pain. He should not have done that. Hence, I am here to extend my apology to the student and to the parent who shared the video. We accept whatever consequence my father will face. But what we cannot accept is how people judged him without knowing the context of the video, yet many concluded negatively and believed only one side of the story. Many were hateful and judged my father here and there. Many cursed my father, giving hateful words or wanting to end his life as if my father had killed someone. I feel sad not only for my family but also for the people who commented in the video, saying negative things about my father. It’s sad that people these days will only believe what they see and not be knowledgeable enough about what truly happened behind that 6-second video. For everybody’s information, my father is not the kind of person you think he is just because of that single video. My father has been a teacher for nearly 30 years. He dedicated his life to being the best teacher he could be. He never neglected anyone because he is passionate about his craft. He works 24/7, so he could just deliver his lessons to his students successfully. He always thinks of his students. My father is not physically abusive, like how he was described mostly in the comments in the video. There’s always a reason why a certain act has been committed. Moreover, I believe both sides were victims of fate. But if you’ll ask me if my father deserved this, DEFINITELY NOT. He is not a perfect teacher, a father, nor a perfect human being, but he is a father you wish you could ask for. He is a loving and supportive father of four and a good husband to my mother. He is religious. They both did their best to raise us to become good people, and they did not fail. My father is a good person, and many can prove that. As of now, my father is not well. He couldn’t eat or sleep well. You can see the regret in his face because he did not intend and will never intend to harm his students. For those who are sending their massive support to my family, thank you so much. I could not mention you one by one, but I just want you to know that you’ve made my father feel loved and cared for. Thank you for your thoughtful prayers. This might be the worst challenge that my family is currently facing, but I know we can surpass it in Jesus’ name.

I hope this whole situation will serve as a lesson on both ends. May the rightful justice be served on both ends. For all the loving parents who want the best for their children, always check on them to see if they’re doing well and fine in school before it’s too late. For our ever hardworking “MAGTUTUDLO”, laban ug padayon. Continue to guide your students in the best way possible. Ako nga usa sad ka magtutudlo, dili lalim atong mga ge agian ug pangpaningkamot para sa atong mga bata, pero ato gihapong barugan ang atong pangalan isip ikaduhang ginikanan sa atong mga estudyante sa maayo ug saktong pamaagi.

To papa and mama, we love you so much. We are always here for you. You never failed us and we will never fail you. Thank you and God bless us all.”

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