Marco Gumabao, Cristine Reyes Share What Happened When Their Moms Met

Marco Gumabao and Cristine Reyes are already talking about their future together

Celebrity couple Marco Gumabao and Cristine Reyes shared what happened when their moms met for the first time.

Marco and Cristine sparked relationship rumors when photos of them together started to circulate back in January last year. It was in April when they confirmed their relationship when they shared their sweet photos.

In a recent interview, based on the article in The Philippine Star, the couple shared that they are already talking about their future together.

marco gumabao cristine reyes
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Marco Gumabao and Cristine Reyes’s families are happy for them. The actress is close to her boyfriend’s family. Marco also shared that he would also hang out with Cristine’s family.

Then, he recalled the time when their moms met for the first time. “One time, we brought her mom to church and that was a very memorable experience for us because it was the first time for my mom to meet her mom,” he shared.

The actor said that their moms clicked. He shared that their moms talk like they are in their own bubble and this makes him and Cristine happy. “It was a very touching sight to see,” he added.

Marco also said that he is getting along well with Cristine’s daughter Amarah. The actor also shared that the first time she met Amarah was when she was still a baby. At that time, it was his first time working with Cristine.

So, technically, I saw Amarah grow up. I always have a sweet spot for her kahit noong bata pa lang s’ya at ‘yun pala ito pala ‘yung reason,” Marco Gumabao said.

The actor also shared that he and Cristine Reyes have been friends for a long time because they have worked with each other before many times. The actress believes that constant communication is important in strengthening the relationship.

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