Julia Barretto Movie With Aga Muhlach: Actress Not Active In Promoting

JULIA BARRETTO MOVIE with seasoned actor Aga Muhlach is titled “Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Pipiliin Ko” which was shown last February 7. However, during the promotion period, the actress was noticeably absent. In the latest video of Ogie Diaz, he revealed the reason of the actress behind this.

Julia Barretto Avoids Media To Promote Movie With Aga Muhlach?

Ogie Diaz reveals the reason why Julia Barretto doesn’t promote her new film.

In a new video, Ogie Diaz reveals why Julia Barretto seems to not give much time in promoting her film with Aga Muhlach.

Actress Julia Barretto and seasoned actor Aga Muhlach worked on a film titled “Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Pipiliin Ko”. It was shown in cinemas on February 7 and initially after the release of the trailer, netizens criticized it.

According to some netizens, Julia and Aga’s pairing is a bit odd considering their huge age gap – she is 26, while he is 54.

In a previous article, Julia talked about their film and asked the people to give it a chance. She has said it previously, ahead of the showing, that their film is not to impose or send any negative image to the viewers. They are not trying to advocate or normalize anything but rather just tell a story.

She expressed that they would not jump into production if “this would send the wrong message in any way”. Muhlach also noted the May-December love affair theme of the film was handled in good manner and with sensitivity.

However, during the promotion period, many people caught sight of Barretto noticeable absence and lack of time. The actor was the one who was always present in interviews and guesting to promote their film.

Where is Julia?

In the new video of Ogie Diaz, he discussed this matter. According to him, Julia was not able to spend much time promoting their film because she was busy working on another project.

He said, “Tinannong ko si Julia, kasi daw everyday yung work nila dun sa isang series na ginagawa nila for Viu.”

Mrena from behind interrupted and expressed her opinion. She aired her thoughts about it and based on her statement, perhaps one of the reasons is because Julia was avoiding questions about her relationship with her father Dennis Padilla.

Diaz weighed this opinion and stated that there could be a little truth about it. Perhaps she’s avoiding for that reason as she will just be judged by the public no matter what she would say.

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