Yael Yuzon Marriage Proposal To Karylle To Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary

Karylle said “yes” again to the proposal from Yael Yuzon

Spongecola vocalist Yael Yuzon had his marriage proposal to his wife It’s Showtime host Karylle to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

Yael and Karylle tied the knot on March 21, 2014, in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Silang, Cavite. Next month, they will reach an important milestone in their relationship. They will mark a decade of their married life.

On February 26, Karylle received a surprise from her It’s Showtime family. She was congratulated for the successful run of her theater play Rama, Hari. After being congratulated by her co-hosts, Karylle received another surprise.

yael yuzon karylle proposal

Karylle’s husband Yael Yuzon entered and he expressed how proud he is of the achievement of his wife. Then, Vhong Navarro mentioned that the couple will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this coming month.

Magti-ten years na kami na kasal. And alam mo, yung thing kasi na alam mo kasal na kayo ng ten years, parang mas naa-analyze mo yung mga things through the ups and downs, mostly ups, pero sa mga downs mas naa-analyze mo yung mga things,” the band vocalist said.

yael yuzon karylle

He also said that if back then, he was already sure that his decision was right, he is more sure now because they have spent 10 years together. However, he shared that there was one thing that he was not able to do before. Back then, he just proposed to Karylle when they were inside a car.

Then, Yael took out the ring and knelt before his wife and popped the question, “Will you marry me again?” and Karylle answered, “yes.” They hugged and kissed each other. It can be heard that the audience was expressing their “kilig” reaction to this.

After that, Yael sang Spongecola’s song Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay. Many netizens talked about this “kilig” moment on the Kapamilya noontime show. @AltKapamilyaCH on X, formerly known as Twitter shared a clip of this.

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