Pastor Quiboloy Refuse To Attend Senate Probe, Says Its A ‘Bogus Hearing’

Pastor Quiboloy Says He Won’t Attend ‘Bogus Hearing’

PASTOR QUIBOLOY – Religious leader Apollo Quiboloy said he won’t be attending the ‘bogus hearing.’

Religious leader Apollo Quiboloy asserted that he would not participate in the Senate investigation regarding alleged crimes, including s*xual abuse, within his Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), despite being summoned by the committee on women. Quiboloy insisted that only a court, rather than a Senate hearing, possesses the authority to determine one’s guilt or innocence.

In an audio statement posted on the Facebook page of Buhay Kingdom 2024, Quiboloy, addressing Sen. Risa Hontiveros and her witnesses—reportedly former KOJC members accusing him of sexual abuse and other offenses—expressed his willingness to respond in a court setting for a fair judgment.

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Pastor Quiboloy emphasized his refusal to subject himself to public humiliation in what he deemed a “bogus hearing” with “bogus witnesses” at the Senate. Quiboloy challenged the credibility of the witnesses, urging them to disclose their identities to prove their authenticity.

He additionally mentioned that members of KOJC identified one of the witnesses, known as Amanda, who previously lodged a case against him in a Davao City court, resulting in its dismissal.

“We recognized the others because of their narrative, even though they covered their faces. One of them is Blenda Portugal, alias Amanda. She filed a case with the same allegations, and I faced it, but the case got dismissed, and now they went to the Department of Justice,” Quiboloy said.

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The Senate initiated its investigation into the accusations on Tuesday. In the course of the hearing, ex-members of KOJC reported having observed incidents of s*xual abuse within the group. They further claimed that certain church members were purportedly exposed to “exploitative activities,” including begging and soliciting money.

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