House of Representatives Receives Proposal to Provide Daily Allowance for Students

Proposal Forwarded to House of Representatives Aiming to Provide Daily Allowance for Every Student

The House of Representatives received a proposal to provide daily allowances for every student to increase their chances of completing their education.

Financial challenges are a common issue faced by many students pursuing education. These challenges can stem from various factors and can affect students in different ways.

One of the major financial burdens for students is the cost of tuition and other educational fees. With the rising costs of higher education, many students struggle to afford the expenses associated with attending college or university.

House of Representatives

In addition to tuition, students must also cover living expenses such as rent, food, utilities, transportation, and other daily necessities. These costs can add up quickly and place a considerable strain on students’ finances, especially if they are living away from home.

recently, under the proposed Universal Educational Assistance (House Bill 6908) authored by Batangas Representative Gerville Luistro, the government would allocate assistance to serve as a daily allowance for all students.

Ang cash assistance sa House Bill 6908 ay maliit na baon lamang, subalit malayo ang mararating nito upang ang ating mga estudyante ay makapasok araw-araw at tuluyang makatapos ng pag aaral,” said Luistro.

House of Representatives

According to the proposal, students in pre-elementary would receive P1,000 annually, P2,000 for elementary, P3,000 for junior high school, P4,000 for senior high school, and P5,000 for college.

Luistro emphasized that the proposal does not consider whether a student is poor or not, and there is no limit to the number of students per family who can receive the allowance.

However, students must attend classes and maintain at least an 80% attendance rate to be eligible for the allowance.

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The proposal states that the amount may be adjusted by the government based on inflation and other economic indicators.

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