Teacher Shares Ukay-Ukay Success Story, Inspires Many Netizens

Lady Teacher Inspires Netizens After Sharing Ukay-Ukay Success Story

A hardworking teacher has shared the success story of her ukay-ukay business on social media and inspired many netizens.

Facebook user Marj Maguad, a dedicated teacher, shared her journey of establishing an ukay-ukay business alongside her teaching career. The post quickly circulated on social media and elicited reactions from the netizens.

Seven years ago, Marj and her family aspired for additional sources of income, recognizing that her teaching salary barely covered their basic needs and debts. Despite their financial struggles, Maguad emphasized the value of investing in knowledge and never giving up on their dreams.


While still serving as a full-time teacher, Maguad ventured into the world of entrepreneurship, setting up an ukay-ukay business specializing in children’s clothing. Her entrepreneurial journey began modestly, with a small investment of P1,500 for a pre-packed bundle of 50 garments.

The initial success of her business encouraged Maguad to expand her venture, gradually increasing her capital and product offerings. Today, her ukay-ukay business has grown, surpassing her teaching income and providing financial stability for her family.

The lady teacher’s unwavering determination and faith in her dreams have been rewarded with success. She attributes her achievements to hard work, perseverance, and God’s blessing.


“Actually, mas malaki kita sa ukay kesa sa sahod ko, pero di ko kayang bitawan ang teaching kasi passion ko po e,” Maguad said.


Here is the full post:

7 year ago, kami ay nangarap. Kasi ang sahod sakto lang pambayad ng utang. As in kahit pmbili ng ulam wala.

I invested on knowledge.

We are not thesame 7 years ago.

Employed parin pero di na tulad noon.

Hindi madali.

Walang madali at NEVER naging madali.

Pero di dapat sumuko.

7 years na ang aming munting negosyo.

Malayo pa pero malayo na.“

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