Rider Rewarded for Halting Knife-Wielding Woman in Bacolod City

Motorcycle Rider Receives Reward for Stopping Knife-Wielding Woman

BACOLOD CITY – A motorcycle rider was rewarded for helping to stop a woman wielding a knife believed to be mentally challenged.

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Last February 14, 2024, a rider who intervened to help a woman carrying a knife believed to be mentally challenged along the Circumferential Road in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental was given a cash reward and a Certificate of Appreciation.


The brave motorist prevented a potentially dangerous situation by helping to stop the woman from harming others. The courageous rider identified as Arnold Malba who stepped in to prevent a potential crisis, has been recognized for his selfless and quick-thinking actions.

Bacolod City Councilor Al Espino extended his sincere appreciation to Malba for his courageous behavior during a dangerous situation. As a token of appreciation for his outstanding deed, Malba was presented with a cash reward and a Certificate of Appreciation.

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