JK Labajo Receives Heartfelt Birthday Messages From Moira Dela Torre

Moira Dela Torre Writes Heartfelt Birthday Message for JK Labajo

JK LABAJO – Queen of Hugot songs Moira Dela Torre penned a heartfelt birthday message for JK Labajo.

JK Labajo started his music career at a young age, kickstarting it through The Voice Kids. Following that, he ventured into various projects, including acting. His musical endeavors, particularly his latest track “Ere,” garnered significant acclaim.

This particular song swiftly amassed 1.2 million streams on Spotify within a day, marking a remarkable milestone. JK openly acknowledged that the inspiration behind “Ere” stemmed from his past romantic relationship with model Maureen Wroblewitz.

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The resonance of JK Labajo’s songs with fans is evident, as highlighted by a note from a Philippine Airlines cabin crew member. The note, shared by JK on his Instagram Story, featured lyrics from his song “Shot Puno” – “Minahal kita nang hindi mo kailangan.” The crew member expressed admiration, describing JK as a formidable artist with impactful lyrics.

“Napaka-solid mo, JK! Isa kang malupit na artis,” the fan said.

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As JK marked another year, the “Buwan” and “Ere” hitmaker received numerous birthday greetings. Among those well-wishers was Moira Dela Torre, who posted a carousel of photos and clips featuring JK and their friends like Kylie Echarri and Paolo Benjamin on her Instagram page. In her caption, the female musician conveyed a brief yet sincere message for the birthday celebrant. JK, in turn, responded with a sweet reply in the comments section.

“Happy birthday jekjek weve all definitely started laughing more since u came around,” her message reads.

See Moira’s post below:

In the comments section of the post, JK responded affectionately to Moira’s message.

“Love u,” he told his friend.

Photo Source: @moiradelatorre IG

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