Kris Aquino Says Bimby Needs To Work For Her Hospital Bills

Kris Aquino continues to receive medical attention

Queen of all Media Kris Aquino said in her reply to a netizen that her son Bimby needs to work for her hospital bills.

During the prime of her career, Kris was one of the highest-earning celebrities in the Philippine entertainment industry. She gained the “Queen of all Media” moniker because of her visibility on different media platforms.

However, the time came when she had to stop doing showbiz stints because of her health. She was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and just recently, she revealed that she is now fighting against lupus.

Kris Aquino

The celebrity and his sons Bimby and Josh have been staying in the US for her medical needs. With all the expenses, Kris Aquino will inevitably be facing financial challenges as well.

In her recent social media post, Instagram user “Cristine” commented that they are praying for Kris’s recovery.

The Queen of all Media replied to this, based on the article in Newsko. Kris shared that her son Bimby might go back to the Philippines after her birthday because he needs to work to support her medical expenses.

kris aquino bimby
📷: @krisaquino IG

In her reply, Kris also shared that being a stage mom, she wants her son to use her name still. “Bimb might go home after my birthday. He needs to work because my medical bills are already getting higher & higher. The stage mom is already saying NO to a name change. He’ll stay as Bimb. No last name, like Drake,” she said.

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📷: via Newsko

In June last year, reports surfaced that Bimby will pursue a career in showbiz. The son of Kris Aquino was seen with King of Talk Boy Abunda with the executives of Cornerstone Entertainment, who is now handling the actress-host’s career.

After that meeting, Tito Boy had a clarification. He said that it was more of an exploratory meeting as they were looking for the possibilities of what Bimby could do when he formally entered the entertainment industry.

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  1. Kris has been blessed to have good children. With her condition, she needs all the help she can get and Bimby is willing to do that for her. He is a good son and Kris is so lucky to have a child like Bimby. May he be blessed for his big heart

  2. D2 nlng kc dapat si Kris sa pinas hindi guarantee porke sa america they have the best doctors there hindi nmn xa gumagaling jan sa america nadagdagan pa nga sakit nia. She should take more natural herbal supplements on top of her prescriptions 🙏


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