“Real Score” Between PH Showbiz Stars Becoming More & More Vague

Is it Real or for Reel?

Before becoming a die-hard fan, it is best to assess if the showbiz couple you’re admiring are really together or it’s just for show. What’s the real score?

A lot of stars agree that a career in the showbiz industry brings a sort of uncertainty as to until when it will last. There are a lot of celebrities whose careers were short-lived while there are those who entered the industry and managed to remain doing their craft until now.

Showbiz Couple Real Score
Photo Credit: K-POP, K-FANS

There are also a lot of celebrities who have grown white hairs and remain unbothered as they love what they do as actors and actresses. Undeniably, there is no single formula as to how one can make his/her career last. They all live unique stories to tell as actors and actresses.

However, another undeniable fact is that “relationships” and “real scores” nowadays have affected the career of many stars in the Philippine showbiz industry. Truth be told that putting some mystery on the “label” has kept a lot of careers alive.

There were stars who have evaded countless times the press’ questions about the real score as it is seemingly one way of maintaining the status while tickling the people’s minds. However, on the other side, there were also scenarios wherein celebrity “couples” made a lot of people wonder if the relationship is really true or it is just for show.

There were breakups or smooth dying of on-screen kilig among celebrities after a certain project was done. There were also instances when the split took place amid both of their careers going down — which definitely brings back the spotlight to the stars. When you relax and observe how things go, you will most likely wonder what was really the “real score”.

Unfortunately, a lot of die-hard fans have invested so much emotion on celebrity couples who might just be testing the waters for their careers in showbiz. Before they know it, it’s over and the stars are seemingly on a solo career or testing a pairing with another star.

Truth be told that this is one of the reasons why stars like Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Angelica Panganiban, Jericho Rosales, and many others who did not have to be in “loveteams” or “reel tandems” to maintain their careers have impressive legacies in the showbiz industry.

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