Ruffa Gutierrez Reacts To Pregnancy Rumors w/ Herbert Bautista

Ruffa Gutierrez answered these recent write-ups about her

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez directly answered the rumors that she is pregnant with actor Herbert Bautista’s baby.

Ruffa and Herbert haven’t directly spoken about the status of their relationship but they expressed in past interviews that they have a special connection. The actor was even seen attending the Gutierrez family gatherings.

Although they are not speaking about the status of their relationship, a recent rumor surfaced that Ruffa is pregnant. It was also rumored that Herbert rushed her to the hospital.

Previously, a person close to Ruffa Gutierrez already slammed the rumored pregnancy. The same person also denied that the actress was hospitalized.

In a recent series of posts on her Instagram Story, Ruffa debunked the allegation that she is pregnant now. The actress has two daughters, Lorin and Venice, with her former husband Yilmaz Bektas.

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Ruffa shared screenshots of write-ups about her rumored pregnancy. In her first IG Story, she reacted with “Uhm…[thinking face emoji].” This was followed by a post claiming that the actress already admitted the supposed pregnancy and that the supposed father was Herbert.

In Ruffa’s reaction to this, she said that she would not dignify the rumors with an answer but everywhere she goes, people are congratulating her. The third post that she shared about this was an article and she simply captioned, “So here it is: FAKE NEWS!”

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This was shared on a popular showbiz site and netizens expressed various reactions. Some said that if it is still possible for Ruffa to get pregnant, still it is not advisable because of her age. Some netizens said they couldn’t imagine Ruffa being with Herbert while some said that this pregnancy rumor has been lingering for quite a long time already and they thought that perhaps, this issue is also coming from the camp of the actress.

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