Sarah Lahbati Elicits ‘Waldas Queen’ & ‘Patron Saint Of Shopping’ Tags

Sarah Lahbati caught netizens’ attention with this video

Actress Sarah Lahbati elicited “Waldas Queen” and “Patron Saint Of Shopping” tags in her recent TikTok video.

Sarah has been accused of just spending the money of her husband Richard Gutierrez. This accusation came after the intriguing statement by the actor’s mother Annabelle Rama.

sarah lahbati
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The veteran showbiz personality said that his son has been working hard while the “other” is just “nagwawaldas ng pera.”

richard gutierrez
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In a recent post on her TikTok Page, Sarah Lahbati appeared to be taking a swipe at the “waldas” tag against her. The actress lipsynced the “I’m Obsessed,” based on the article in Balita.

In the caption, she wrote, “[Who] wants to go shopping with me.” In the comment section of her post, the actress received support from netizens.


who wants to go shopping with me

♬ im obsessed – .

Netizens called tagged her as their “Waldas Queen” and “Patron Saint of Shopping.” “Okay, it’s a sign. Thank you Patron Saint of Pagwawaldas. I-check out ko na yung mga nasa cart ko,” a netizencommented.

Here are some comments.

Meanwhile, a source revealed just recently that Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati are processing their annulment. Prior to this, Esther Lahbati, the mother of the actress hinted at the co-parenting status of the supposed estranged couple.

The rumors about the status of Richard and Sarah’s relationship started to circulate when they started posting separate photos with their sons Zion and Kai during the holidays.
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It was rumored that one of the reasons for the breakup was that the actor wanted their son Kai to undergo a paternal DNA test. However, talent manage-vlogger Ogie Diaz said that based on his source, Richard has no doubt when it comes to the identity of his youngest son and there was no DNA test issue.

Rumor has it that Annabelle Rama was the reason for Richard and Sarah’s breakup.

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