Former Child Actor Jiro Manio Sells Award Trophy to Boss Toyo

JIRO MANIO – The former child actor has sold his Gawad Urian Best Actor Award trophy to Jayson Luzadas, also known as Boss Toyo.

The Pinoy actor initially offered to sell his trophy for P500,000. At first, Boss Toyo of Pinoy Pawnstars proposed P50,000, but they eventually closed the deal at P75,000.

Jiro Manio Sells Gawad Urian Best Actor Award to Boss Toyo

Pinoy Actor Jiro Manio Sells Gawad Urian Best Actor Award for P75, 000

The Filipino actor Jiro Manio sells his Gawad Urian Best Actor Award to Boss Toyo of Pinoy Pawnstars.

Jiro Manio’s career in Philippine cinema began at the age of seven when he debuted in the film “Pamana” in 1999. His undeniable skill took him to popularity, and he continued to shine with highly praised performances, gaining him the prestigious Gawad Urian Best Actor award at an extremely young age.

Unfortunately, he indulged in illegal substances, which brought him to personal challenges. He underwent rehabilitation for drug addiction in 2011 and was involved in various issues and controversies.

Jiro Manio

On January 17, 2020, Jiro was arrested and detained at the Marikina City Police Station after he was involved in a stabbing incident. Currently, he is working as a volunteer counselor at DOH Bataan Rehabilitation.

Recently, the former child star appeared on Pinoy Pawnstars Episode 301, making headlines as he decided to sell his prestigious Gawad Urian Best Actor Award trophy. He received the award in 2004 for his outstanding performance in the popular movie “Magnifico.”

During the episode, the 31-year-old actor offered to sell his trophy for P500,000. Initially, Jayson Luzadas, or Boss Toyo, did not agree to the price and bid for P50,000. The two discussed the price before coming to an agreement.

Jiro Manio

Boss Toyo purchased the award from Jiro for P75,000. Despite Jiro’s challenges in recent years, Boss Toyo acknowledged the actor’s contribution to the world of Philippine entertainment history.

Luzadas rejoiced after acquiring the trophy. After the transaction, the actor signed the award trophy and handed it to Boss Toyo.

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“Pinoy Pawnstars Ep.301 – 500k para sa dating sikat na Artista”

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